Edward Snowden Révolutionnaire

Edward Snowden is a hero. An American Hero, a Hero for Americans, a Hero for the World, and a Hero for Truth and Justice.

The only enemy of America is those individuals in power who seek to usurp our freedoms and liberties in the name of our own security, claiming to know what’s best for us, regardless of our own constitution, even. Continue reading “Snowden”


The End of the Internet: Freedom of Speech, Moderators, Propaganda and Government Control

In the early days of the internet, most all communications between people far away who didn’t know each other happened via IRC. It was truly as free as it could be. Few people in society had the skill or technical savvy to use IRC, simply because computers were mostly an enigma to people, and most people who had one had Apple Macintosh and drew squiggly lines on them and browsed the Web. Most people with PCs just played simulators, ran business software, or browsed the web or typed letters.

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Soccer vs Football vs FutBol vs American Football: What’s the Difference?

So, most people don’t know this, and all you hear is line after line of arguing back and forth about what the real name is, and how stupid one or the other party is.

Here is clarity, once and for all, for all those who don’t know, which is probably you, so you don’t have to sound like a tosser or a wanker the next time you’re at the pub taking the piss out of one of your mates.

There are 2 types of Football, the first is: Continue reading “Soccer vs Football vs FutBol vs American Football: What’s the Difference?”

Confederate Monuments: Art & Culture or American Anti-Culture

Should Confederate Monuments of the Southern United States, erected to extol Southern Leaders of the anti-U.S. Confederacy decades after their failed coup and ultimate demise, be protected, defended, preserved or even cherished?

Should they be held as “Art” pieces worth anything more than a Statue of Hitler in Germany or Israel, a statue of a glorified Pol Pot in Cambodia, a statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, a statue of Kim Jong Un in North Korea, or a statue of Stalin or Lenin in Ukraine?

How would you feel if it were a bronze statue of a hooded KKK member murdering an African-American slave by immolation or hanging, erected in a public park square?

That’s exactly what a confederate statue looks like. Continue reading “Confederate Monuments: Art & Culture or American Anti-Culture”

Americans Should Speak English!

Because, do they, even?

I, for one, have had it with all the people living in America who can’t even speak proper English! I can’t even understand what they’re saying! I mean, wtf is “y’all”, anyway? If you can’t speak proper English, go back to wherever it is that you came from!

  • Wuts dat der?
  • Looka dis heeya!
  • Wanna gwup da mou’un witme?
  • Gimmie da melk, im tursty.
  • I’m a muricun, disiz maaah cun’ree!

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The Real America

America was created by people fleeing the Extremist Religious Persecution in England, to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam they, whilst hiding in exile, they learned of the importance of liberty, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, and how important it was to treat each other as equal and with respect, regardless of their differences in religion, personal beliefs, culture or country of origin. Continue reading “The Real America”

Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

This is written to clarify the difference between these systems & ideologies, and to help cut through the political agendas that drive their definitions in education and the media in societies which use them to promote fear and to attack their enemies.

The road from Communism, Continue reading “Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism”