American Taxes – The Grand Scheme

Taxes in America are a scheme of the wealthiest people in America to put the entire burden of tax revenue on those who are not wealthy enough to be above paying taxes.

Donald Trump, for example, doesn’t need to pay taxes.  He knows how to get away with not paying a single dollar to taxes.  Not a single dollar of his billions of dollars goes towards the roads, freeways, schools, parks, public buildings, government employees, nor any of the infrastructure or things that all the rest of Americans, especially the poorest of Americans, pay for.

I’m not sure how he can now receive a salary paid for by the rest of Americans taxes when he himself doesn’t pay a penny in taxes for any American.

Meanwhile, Americans, all the rest of them, are burdened with a high tax rate.

Is it particularly high compared to some countries? Yes, compared to most countries. But it is still lower than many.

What’s unique to America, however, is the absolute inequality of taxes. You pay a much higher percentage of taxes than the wealthiest people do.  You’re paying sometimes over 30% of your income to state, city, and federal taxes.  That’s a very heavy burden for you.  If you are super wealthy, you don’t pay any taxes at all.  Let the lowly peasants pay for the needs of the state and federal government.

So if you’re a minimum wage worker, and you bring home $1000 a month, you may pay over $300 in taxes.

That would be absolutely fine if the guys who made a million dollars paid $300,000 in taxes, and the guys who made a billion dollars paid $300 million in taxes.

But they don’t.  They don’t pay anything.  If they do, it’s around 1%.  Well, we can all afford 1% tax. Let the poor working single mother of two pay $10 in taxes on her $1,000 a month income, giving her the ability to raise her family and get by.  Let the guys making a million dollars squeeze by on $700,000 dollars, and the guys making a billion dollars squeeze by on a measly 700 million dollars..  Oh the hardship.  You don’t think it’s hardship? Just listen to them cry about having to give that money back to the American people in the form of taxes.  They whine the most and the loudest, and more importantly, people listen to them.  The people they’ve paid to get into political positions of influence in the government, namely.

You think you can change the tax code,  and make things fair?  Think again.  The politicians are put into their positions of power by the wealthiest people in exchange for a tax law which benefits them and makes their taxe obligations all but obsolete.

But wait, this is America, shouldn’t they just do what’s right? Isn’t that “their thing” after all?

Most certainly not. Modern America and its systemic corruption is the foundation of most of the world’s problems.  Its a small group of wealthy elite, faces behind corporate conglomerates, bankers, and ultra-capitalistic businessmen, many of whom are politicians themselves and their ilk that work together to consolidate power,  lawmaking power, political power, economic power, and financial power, who have no qualms doing absolutely anything necessary to bring more power or money or control to themselves.

For such the Ends always justify the Means, absolutely whatever means necessary.

Its an endless perpetual cycle of the most selfish and greediest people making the most selfish and greediest decisions for themselves, decisions which affect the everyone, the effect on others being a mere inconsequential side note to their primary imperialist agenda.

The money and power has gone straight to the heads of this group, and they believe themselves to be a type of elite royalty or Aristocracy.

Money which has been stolen from the American people.  Yes, over 30% of their wealth belongs to you, your children, your grandchildren, your neighbors, your friends, family, and community.  But what are you to do when those who make the laws, are the ones who are bound to their funders to make whatever suits them legal?

A shining example of the Capitalist spirit, doing everything possible to make everything work for you and you alone, making you as wealthy as possible regardless of anything or anyone else.

Its a system which always needs to manufacture new enemies by playing to people’s prides and prejudices, and preying upon their fears and xenophobic ignorance.

It began with the n*gger.  Then it had to be called “black people”.  Then it had to be further veiled as “criminals and drug users”.   Now it’s about immigrants in general..  Political power is about social class warfare, race warfare, international warfare, moral warfare, war on anything and everything that keeps people angry and rabidly hating and attacking something to keep them blinded to the magnificent sleight of hand that is the great scheme of holding onto power, and forcing injuries upon the people, having them accept the injustices done to them, and even protecting and defending those oppressing and exploiting them,  all in the name of hyper-patriotism.

Thus nothing changes.  The average white American is their own problem. They are like puppets told who and what to hate, what the next flavor of the month is and who’s the next big enemy behind door number 3.

All for power, money, and unlimited selfish greed.

Inequality reigns Supreme in America.

Run, oh world, lest you fall victim to the Schemes of the Schemers who Schemed the Schemes which have bound us all in these chains.



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