Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

This is written to clarify the difference between these systems & ideologies, and to help cut through the political agendas that drive their definitions in education and the media in societies which use them to promote fear and to attack their enemies.

The road from Communism, through Socialism, and over to Capitalism is treacherous and fraught with many perils which must be trodden carefully, from the outset, or it will inevitably consume & destroy itself.

We have seen it time and time again around the world, how communism can and does naturally evolve into socialism, and socialism likewise evolves naturally into capitalism, and then into oblivion to start a anew through internal strife and revolution.

To clearly comprehend the fundamental roots of these systems, it is important to first understand that these three very different systems are economic systems and not political systems, though they are most often used merely to serve political ends.

Within these three systems there are varying degrees of fidelity to its own philosophy, with many of the attributes of the other two systems present to varying degrees within each of them, as well as having different political systems possible within each of these economic systems, depending on the individual country’s creed and culture, etc.

All three have, in history, existed in their purest forms:

  • Pure Communism: in many Native Tribes and villages in most of the Ancient world, where its really just one big family, everyone working together to accomplish the goal of making sure everyone is taken care of. As you cared for your own mother, so would you care for all other mothers, and every other member of your tribal group.
  • Pure Socialism: in many Monarchies where the people are thought of as beloved children, and the Monarch a divine parent. You were heavily taxed but very-well loved and cared for and your taxes & offerings went to make your fellow man feel loved and well cared for. Your higher tax rate led to a very low worry rate. If you fell ill or needed care, people would be there to care for you. If there was a drought or famine, or if your crops failed, there would be some prepared in waiting for you.
  • Pure Capitalism: where nobody cared for you, you were there to deal with yourself, and whatever misfortune befell you was your own bad luck and untimely demise (picture international marketplaces and trade ports). You were there to spend money or make money and were otherwise free to go back to your dwelling and hope you did better than the poor sap dying in the next dwelling, and hopefully you’ll continue doing better and better, and if other people have to starve or die along the way, that’s on them, their own laziness or handicap, their own illness or misfortune. You didn’t pay taxes because you didn’t need roads. You helped no one and no one helped you. You made friends who would probably help you if it came to that, though no one really trusted you, and you assumed they’d probably just steal your donkey and satchel when you were bed-ridden, and you probably would have done the same. You looked after number one and only number one.

The road from communism to capitalism is one of individual ownership, individual responsibilities, government ownership, and government responsibilities all being allotted to varying degrees, for various reasons, at various times.

Once ownership and responsibilities pass from the government to the individual, they can not be returned to the government for the greater good of society, without a great deal of injustice such as perceived stealing of personal property, and even murdering, etc, as what passes into an individual’s realm of ownership and responsibilities becomes the owners property, rights, and freedoms which cannot be reclaimed for the government or people without a direct attack on the individual or corporation, who is their own powerful entity, even to being more wealthy or powerful than every other citizen, or even the government.

Thus, the successful transitioning from communism to capitalism depends on careful and prudent management of resources & rights by the government to the individual &/or private enterprise. Collective Work Arrangements are one way people are able to help shore up some of the massive damage Capitalism does to the workforce and general population.

Governments prone to corruption, greed, need for expansion, desire for domination, want of world power, etc, will tend to mismanage the conversion and delegation of responsibilities and ownership most, and create the most ”free-market” economic system of capitalism possible, as is the case in America. At it’s pinnacle, Government Politicians in charge of policy are also allowed to be private enterprise owners/partners/investors, and corporations and private interests are given legal outlets to give limitless money to the same individual politicians to pass laws & regulations to benefit these individual politicians and corporations, directly to the determent of the general populations and welfare of the government and country.

Such poorly managed systems, where private interests are to dominate completely, perpetuating a downward cycle of greed and an unabashed and highly rewarded lusting for individual gain, become unable to solve the social and economic problems which will inevitably arise, as the economic system is directly controlling the political system in these cases.

Proper management of economic responsibilities and ownership must be done without corruption, greed, power-mongering, personal interests, nor vying for world domination and endless expansion, or its most certainly doomed to its inevitable failure.

There must, therefore, be wise people in charge, incorruptible and without conflict of interest or personal gain made possible, who’s national job it is to balance the three economic systems conservatively, in the correct amounts for the welfare of the people and country, and without expecting unlimited growth, power, or expansion, and without an eye to greed, gain, or anything other than a well-balanced and socially fair system.

Failure to do so, must, by natural law, result in war, anarchy, economic collapse, the suffering of the people, and the dwindling and destruction of a nation.

This is not a Political paper, its strictly an Economic paper. It is not taking into account the various Political “handlers”, their motives, their usefulness, their efficiency, their doctrines, or their creeds, which vary from state to state around the world, including democracy, aristocracy, monarchy, and other political systems. Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism are Economic systems, not political ones, and each can have any one of a number of Political systems within them.

America has been said to be “the best (democratic) model that ever existed”, as far as it was able to maintain its system indefinitely, in perpetuity. America’s problem was and is that its own Political system is wholly governed by its economic principles, which was naturally doomed to failure by its own creed, which has created its current culture. There is very little that is democratic about America, today. And day by day, it becomes more intolerant to various cultures and diaspora, by the dominant diaspora, bringing it closer to extinction.

To step into politics briefly, America was founded on “Democracy”, the idea that the people should vote and control the government. This idea sounded perfect in all respects for the Early American Settlers and their Culture, and its still a perfectly sound model for countries such as smaller European countries with a population which shares one culture, history, heritage, social behavioral standards, sound cultural interactions, etc, such as Scandinavia, Most of Western Eastern Europe perhaps, most of South and Central America, Most of Asia, and even Africa. Currently, America’s forcibly adopted Capitalism that has been fought for tooth and nail through president after president has become synonymous with “American”, and for most Americans, even synonymous with “Democracy”.

Democracy is not a sound form of Political government for countries such as modern England, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil. the Caribbean, Hong Kong, America, etc, or other countries which are entirely comprised of populations of diaspora from all around the world who have no connection to one another through a shared ancestral culture, and thus, no accountability or care or concern towards their fellow citizens as an innate brotherhood responsible for the welfare of their fellow man and perpetuation of their cultures and country.

Particularly in America, where massive populations of slaves and other races have been wildly mistreated, as a core precept, for much of it’s history, who later became able to participate in their government, it poses obvious problems with contention, strife, oppression, restriction, and eventually anarchy and war. There is an ongoing riff throughout the citizenry, where each group distrusts, dislikes and even hates the other group, and doesn’t see them as a true brother or sister, or as a true part of a truly shared culture and identity. What you have instead is people who see an opportunity to take all they can, exploit all they can, and take advantage of everyone they can, and it’s become an inherent part of the culture, if not THE culture, where there’s nothing there of shared value, and the only value in the country is in being able to use, abuse, misuse, mistreat, beguile, cheat or swindle the more people than anyone else, faster than anyone else.  It’s behavior that has become highly rewarded, lauded, heralded and praised as being a “real American”.

These are idealistic governments who don’t think about the welfare of the people, culture, and nation, but who pass laws in peacetime, for politics and from a feeling of extreme security, without an eye to the future, towards harder times, or towards posterity and the long-term existence of the nation. Many of America’s most successful people are people with stronger emotional ties to other nations elsewhere in the world, who may even view America as a terminal opportunity that needs to be reaped while it can, before its eventual demise.

These countries are completely comprised of a complete non-native, non-domestic, non-original, and non-cultural population of outsiders, immigrants and international diaspora with no ancient history or culture connecting them to each other. They become places where exploitation is a way of life. Democracy here is a battle of individual ideologies and interests, prejudices, prides, beliefs, and desires, all without any ability to make decisions based on a shared point of view or parental culture.

Countries such as those in Europe may well find themselves one day under the control of a foreign diaspora population, where the Native People of that country becomes the Minority and no longer have any say or control over what happens in the country of their ancestors, due to cultural occupation of what these societies generally end up terming “liberal” citizens, which are the detached citizens not from their own culture, who vote and work with the rest of the diaspora against the government, becoming a sort of quasi-ethnic citizen but with no identity towards the Imperial Culture. Thus, Democracy can see any country around the world taken over and changed completely to suit the needs of any other people who managed to gain a majority of the population.


Democracy can thus usurp an entire nation and culture, and lead it to wherever the popular trends take it, unless a shared culture can hold it together, or a government working to hold the culture together.

This means the best path to success is inclusion, love, support, sharing cultures, sharing ideas, adopting cultures and adopting ideas, and defining a national identity not by race or existing old culture, but by being open-minded, accepting and defining a nation’s identity as extending to all people, regardless of race, religion, or belief. Race, Religion, Belief are personal interests. A country must defend and protect the equality of all of its citizens, being particularly vigilant against words and actions which racist, bigoted, prejudiced, divisive, hate-filled, etc. Personal beliefs regarding religion, right or wrong, sexuality, abortion, etc must be kept in the home. Laws should be as liberal and relaxed as possible, ensuring as much freedom as possible, with stricter beliefs being enforced in the home based on personal ideologies, such as minimum drinking age, age of consent, drug & alcohol use, prostitution, homosexual relations, or anything else which is held in different lights, by different cultures. A country which demands everyone who lives in their country to abide by their strict codes and laws is an exclusionary country actively engaged in bigoted laws and regulations. Amsterdam is perhaps the best model for making morality a personal thing, enforced in the home, and not enforced by enacting laws against everybody for a dominant popular religious/moral belief.



On another note, the perfect form of democracy, where the people and culture are protected under a system of cultural “safeguards”, may well be called a “People’s Democracy”, wherein the democracy is limited to functioning within a set of standards and creeds and beliefs which become the boundaries of all political activities, and to which all behaviors and decisions are confined.

But Democracy is but one force which may influence the Economic systems of Capitalism. So on that note, let’s move back to the Economic Systems.


Part I – “Communism”

Communism, like Capitalism, does not exist in its pure form, nor can it, in large modern societies. It is, however, the fundamental system that tribal mankind will first come to adopt.

Communism and Capitalism are philosophical ideologies.

The Road to Capitalism from Communism seems like a no-brainer and a requisite move, in this day and age, to many people accustomed to how modern western societies generally function.

Most people see communism as a poor group of farmers, as all communist countries (and all countries) have such humble beginnings, and is the reason they bear the hammer, representing the Labor force, and sickle, representing the Farming class.

To date, Communism has generally been viewed as an impossible economic system to achieve, due to its emphasis on equality, and the argument of there being a lack of motivation to be innovative, with personal desires, greed, and individual esteem being the catalysts communism is undermined and destroyed, and by which capitalism flourishes.

However, Communism can be pure and functional, in the modern world, with all modern conveniences, as far as it has not traveled down the road to socialism or capitalism, as for every step taken or for every measure given towards socialism, it is a step, measure, right, and responsibility which can cannot be reversed. The main problem is the corruption, greed, and personal interests take hold even before the transition to socialism takes place, thereby corrupting the evolution.

Hence, Communism is failed from the beginning in every instance thus far on the earth.

Pure Communism can only exist where there is no money, and once money is introduced, the system almost immediately falls into socialism with varying degrees of capitalism.

Communism is a political name given to what occurred in almost every native village or tribe in the primitive world, where each tribe member or warrior would take responsibility for all of the elders in the tribe, hunting and providing meat, while other members gather food for the community, where they cooked together and shared a common meal between them.

This was the way of life for Native North, Central, and South Americans, all Polynesians, Micronesians, Melanesians, Africans, ancient Europe, and all other most ancient civilizations.

Some of the more ancient societies, such as the unified China, Japan, Greece and Rome and their empires developed money systems from a fairly early stage, and these countries were relatively large, but the people also relied heavily on barter and exchange of goods. Because of the tribal culture of these close-knit ‘communist’ societies, these cultures already had the idea that they weren’t on their own, but that their only means of survival was to trade what they produced to others in society in exchange for what others were producing, that they needed or wanted, for the collective welfare of all parties involved.

This began a merchant class within these larger societies, who would often travel great distances to procure items at lower barters that they could trade elsewhere at higher barters. It also created an opening for people who saw an opportunity to barter items through deception, trickery, and even thievery and murder, creating the earliest criminal elements in society.

So, while bartering and trading were forms of communism, they in fact are also corrupting, and lead to the destruction of harmony and working together and equality which is the communist ideal. In practice, Communism is simply an effort to make all policies for the benefit of the people, with the government having all power, and being all-powerful to protect the people from individual greed, corporate or private interests, etc.

True communism can exist in places around Polynesia, where there are groups of people who don’t need or want money, and treat each other as family, and have members who fish all day, members who farm all day, members who prepare items and food all day, members who all have a job or responsibility, but who are indeed esteemed as a family member by the rest of the people, and who come together to share and eat whatever they have with the rest of the family, as any family would. There’s no trade, no bartering. Simply sharing and working for your cultural family.

This happens even today, amongst many people in the world, people living in remote areas and within many poorer communities around the world, anywhere that people view the people around them as family, and have only an interest in providing for their needs.

That is the true heart of communism, and the only way in which communism will ever work in any way, only by those who treat others as family and believe them to be family and respect them as family.

In the modern world, in places like China, a main tenant of the Communist party is Unity, Brotherhood, Camaraderie, a unified identity, a family culture, a giant single family. The government is seen as a father figure, a parent over the children, and takes care of the people as a parent would, taking care of their needs. The people trust and love the government as they might a parent, even. The government is responsible to the people. Though the government has all power, it knows that its existence depends on the approval, happiness, and welfare of the people. Even in China, and perhaps especially in China, the government would quickly be overthrown, were the people to feel 1/100th of the betrayal which happens in America on a daily basis.

The communist philosophy, therefore, guided China to it’s current rise, and continues to strongly influence most of it’s policies.

Any shortcomings of communism, such as North Korea, are not an inherent part of Communism, but are to be taken with the political system, and personality and creed of the party. The weaknesses and corruptions and mismanagement of those individuals responsible, together with their political system, cause the problems.  They are an inevitable part of the human condition, as are all problems in all countries with all systems. They are problems with the political system, not with the economic system of communism.

To be against Communism is to be for the exploitation and mistreatment of your fellow man, for your own personal gain, and for your own individual company or family.

End of Part I – “Communism”
Part II – “Socialism”

With the formation of governments, and the creation of a monetary system, there is then every measure and means in place for people to want more and more from their government, and from the people around them.

The belief that those around you are family is not uncommon, the treating them as family is.

We cannot make “progress” for ourselves, or get gain, if there is nobody that we cannot view as not being apart of our family, that we may take advantage of, with our cunning.

The more we can view others as not apart of ourselves or our responsibility, the more ‘successful’ we are able to become, individually.

This doctrine is extremely dangerous.

It is also the doctrine by which Capitalism exceeds all other systems on the earth for potential quality of life, for a select group of people, only.

Most cultures around the world, who participate in the modern life, are not able to justify to themselves or their countrymen the need for most of the policies in place in extreme Capitalist models such as in America. They can’t face the people who elected them, or the person standing next to them, with anything other than guilt or shame.

Most cultures around the planet, with the exception of the newer European Diaspora-created ones, treat each other first as Cultural Brothers, second as National Compatriots, and Third as Social equals.

That is the nature of ancient cultures and shared beliefs, and having a common cultural ancestry, and having the same accountability and responsibility to your culture. That changes as soon as you get and Irishman and an Englishman in the same room. One cares only about the Anglo ethnic identity & culture, the other only cares about the Celt ethnic identity & culture. Far beyond race, is the Ethnic Identity, Scandinavian is far less important than Norse, Finn, Swede, etc, the Ostrogoth & Visigoths Germanic, etc, is second to Belgium, German, Dutch, etc.  So, within even these cultures, the differences are nearly as vast as any other number of groups in the world, and each of these is very tight-knit.

Hence, almost all societies have naturally adopted some form of socialism, where the government has responsibility to care for, protect and / or provide for the people. Anything less would be intolerable, and even treasonous.

Sometimes the benefit from the government comes as a basic right, other times it may require something in exchange, such as military service, and other times it may seem that the people actually do more for the government than the government does for them.

Some form of Socialism existed even under the most ruthless of Monarchies, simply as a means of staying in power, if nothing else. More often it was simply because it is actually the entire function of a government, and no man would support a king or government who would not look after his family and their welfare. There is no need for a government otherwise, and you’ll do better just farming your own sovereign land elsewhere, free from pointless taxation.

The Government or Ruler always has basic responsibilities to the people, whether it be simply a matter of land allocation, or it be to provide a military, or it be to provide education, or it be to provide trade regulations and treaties with other countries, or whatever it is.

Most often than not the basic responsibilities were to create a society which can support the best economic prosperity and increase the welfare and wealth of the nation as a whole. This aspect of Socialism holds true in all forms of political governments, whether they be a party of delegates, a supreme ruler, a parliament, a congress, whether they be elected, appointed, or born into their position.

Socialism is the name given for the responsibilities the government has for the people, or society, which creates the economic environment and drives the economy.

Economy is the name given for the means and mechanisms the people have for attaining that which they need, and for the systems of rules, laws, and policies which govern the flow and distribution of wealth and commodities, set forth by the government and influenced by the culture.

Thus, Socialism is a word for the measure in which any form of government provides for its people’s wealth, possessions, needs, and welfare.

Tax is exclusively for Social Welfare. Tax, by definition, is Socialist. If you are being taxed, or paying tax, you live in a socialist country, to some degree. If you are paying tax, your welfare should be in good standing, you should be taken care of by your government, and protected from foreign threats, and domestic corporate exploitation. If all your tax seems to be going towards a massive military, and your education is really very poor, that’s a problem with the corruption & mismanagement of your country, its political system, and the presence and power of capitalism within your system.

There are also governments which call themselves “Socialist”, meaning, “of and for, and pertaining to “Socialism” wherein those governments take a stronger role in controlling the mechanisms for the distribution of wealth, providing for needs, flow of commodities, etc. Just as there are governments which call themselves “Communist”, meaning “of, for, and pertaining to Communism”, wherein those governments believe that their role is for the equality of the people, and the social togetherness of the hearts of the nation, and strive to create a feeling of family amongst its citizens.

Socialism is present in all forms of economic systems as well, both in capitalist and in communist-minded governments

To speak of Socialism is to speak of the relationship between the government and its people. To be against socialism is to be against the welfare of the people under their government. Without socialism, there is no reason for any government to exist.

The key to the success for any government and economy, as the success of the government is directly tied to the success of the economy and welfare of its people, is in the management and selection of responsibilities, and in the policy making of what and how and how much, and for which things the government will provide for the people or interfere on the people’s behalf.

Socialism varies from complete interaction to very little interaction with the people’s welfare, but is, none-the-less, socialism, as it is oriented towards the welfare of its people, as a philosophy.

Decisions must be made carefully, without corruption, power-mongering, world-domination in mind, etc. If a country is socialist, is is a country geared towards the welfare of its citizens, with their needs as a top priority. America’s corrupt greedy corporate politicians would have you believe that is evil, so that they might continue profiting further.

Each decision to move rights and responsibilities to the people, is an absolute and irreversible decision, which cannot be recalled or taken back, as you cannot take away what belongs to others, or you will lose your standing as a government, and be overthrown or destroyed.

End of Part II – “Socialism”

Part III – “Capitalism: The Road to Perdition”
The concept of capitalism has been present in every sort of society apart from societies with pure communism, where each person is a brother and a family member.

Such pure systems of communism can, by their very nature, have no kind of capitalism within them, as any and all capitalism will destroy communism, and is the anti-communism, as the idea of capitalism is the rudimentary opposite of that of communism.

At the social point where individuals begin to have responsibility for themselves independently of the whole, capitalism is present, it begins as early as the simple bartering and trading of goods and services, even before the creation of currency.

When people begin bartering and trading, not only do the merchant class and the criminal elements arise, it also puts each person in direct competition with his fellow man, both for survival and for social status and progression.

Each person begins to realize his or her own welfare is limited only by his or her own efforts, be it diligence, cunning, deception, thievery, hard-work, or murder.

Each person knows that he gets out of life only what he is willing to do to attain it, and that he must depend on himself and for his own welfare, and his smaller family unit may also depend completely upon that single persons effort for their welfare as well. Ambition reigns supreme.

With all form of governments comes the use of currency, which gives much more power to the government and much more control is needed and given for governance, and many more mechanisms are put in place, and most if not all of those mechanisms are for the realm of controlling the spread of unabashed Capitalism & exploitation for personal gain.

Are regulations put into effect for the benefit of Socialism, or are they for the Benefit of Capitalism? The answer to that question is dictated by the form of government, their economic orientation (Capitalism vs. Socialism), their economic ideologies (Capitalist, Socialist, or Communist), as well as their political form of government (Democracy, People’s Democracy, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Parliamentary, Congressional, etc, ) and their Sociopolitical culture (process in which leadership and authority is to be given to people in government).

Capitalism is not a measure of benefit to the individual. A government strongly favoring capitalism is no more likely to be benefiting an elite group of its citizens than one strongly favoring socialism. Both are common.

A government strongly favoring capitalism is a government who strongly favors the merchant class, business interests, corporate lobbyist, and those in lending and investing organizations. Such a government is easily controlled by the powerful entities it has been designed to create and perpetuate, and the role of the private individual and his business endeavors will be far more present in the lives of the average citizen than that of the government. You fight with corporations in your day to day life, controlling your fundamental services such as utilities & other privatized infrastructure, and government is something which is far more prevalent in the daily lives of bigger corporate interests and the wealthy elite.

When capitalism is allowed to go unchecked, or is given too much preference and precedence, thus becoming out of balance, it becomes a system where private interest groups and financially motivated conglomerates can work to control society and the culture, and even control the people’s lives, interfering with their freedoms, as happens in America.

The more the economic regulations support Capitalism, or the businesses, the less the economic regulations support Socialism, or the people.

The String Analogy:

To illustrate further, imagine that you have one meter of white string, and that string represents the whole of your economic ability. One centimeter on the end of the string is painted red.

The white part of the string represents rules, policies, and regulations strongly favoring Socialism. The one centimeter of red at the end represents regulations, policies, allotments, and laws favoring Capitalism

You are free to work from the red end of the string, coloring backwards with your red marker, until you have a minimum of one centimeter of white string remaining on the opposite end.

You will only ever have this one meter of string and will never be given any more. The red marker is permanent and once painted red, will remain red forever.

Each time you color the string in red you strengthen capitalism, and capitalism’s hold grows, it also represents an equal measure of Socialism that has gone from the string forever.

If you let special interest groups, lending and banking organizations, and corporate conglomerates have their way with your string, they will color the entire string red, leaving you with the minimum one centimeter of white string / Socialism, the remaining 99 Centimeters will be policies which benefit big business / Capitalism. They will be very happy with that. It’s the string they want to see.

If you are also a democratic system such as America, the people with the red paint are going to work with all of their might to paint as much of your string red as possible, as the American system has long offered mechanisms for big businesses to do just that.

Once the string is red, it will never again become white, anarchy, war, and bloodshed are the only bleaching agent.

For every cm of white string, your government owns and controls that much of your country. They control the water, electricity, phone, internet, gas, roads, schools, education, banks, agriculture, etc. People who work in those fields, work for the government, rather than for private corporations.

America is mostly all red already, but this is about the road from socialism to capitalism, for those who still have white string, or for the next time around.

So, there must be checks and measures and a careful, unbiased, government which keeps the string white, and only allows it to be painted red when absolutely needed, free from personal greed and political-private conflicts of interests.

What often happens, however, is that governments let the people with the red paint run around and paint what they like, because a few people in government are getting paid behind closed doors, and only allow it to be kept white / Socialist when absolutely needed, just enough white to prevent a revolution.

Thus, a wise government must maintain a proper balance of Capitalism and Socialism,  without compromising either, and enough communism to make its citizens care and feel responsible for each other.

Governments should maintain a very tight stronghold on remaining mostly socialist unless it is absolutely necessary to change something to favor capitalism, and only necessary for the long term.

Most importantly they must know which things to maintain within socialism and which things to let loose into capitalism.

As a general rule, all basic human needs should have been kept apart of the government welfare system within socialism. This includes all things necessary to Daily Human Life within the society, which is first and foremost Healthcare, followed by Insurance, Retirement funds and Military, Infrastructure Construction, Manufacturing Machinery for Military and other vital industries, Mining, Raw Materials, Natural Resources, Pensions, Water, Sewage, Garbage, Electricity, Gas, Essential Food Agriculture, Mass Transportation, Internet, The Media, Banking, Finance, etc.

All things important to survival and the welfare and prosperity of the people should remain within socialism, within the purview of the government. Other non-essential things can then be opened up to capitalism, within the moral and cultural confines of what is socially healthy and culturally favorable, according to the shared desired culture of the people.

Greed, power, self-interest, and all the other things prevalent in Capitalism become oppressive forms of totalitarian oppression which is completely unaccountable to the people on a social level.

Capitalism is the Road to Perdition, a slippery rock face, heading straight down into the unnatural abyss.

Governments must keep capitalism and capitalist policies and activities in check, and balanced, with the life line anchored to the top of the rock face, which is socialism.

The further you let the line out, the further into the irreversible depths of Perdition you travel, and when you are down to your last one centimeter of line, its game over. You’ve entered Ultra-free-market Capitalism, which is simply too destructive & unpopular to exist in truly Democratic societies. It exists in America because they turn it into a race and patriotism issue. Its patriotic and “real American” to support ultra-free-market capitalism, and everyone else is an “evil Socialist or evil Communist. Silly, really, but it seems to be holding it together, for now at least, and as long as stupidity and poor education prevails

Governments must also safeguard the method of how it is done as well, to protect the people & culture from the unaccountable greedy corporations who’s only goal is profit, over all else in society and over all else in the world.

End Part III – Capitalism: “The Road to Perdition”

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