Americans Should Speak English!

Because, do they, even?

I, for one, have had it with all the people living in America who can’t even speak proper English! I can’t even understand what they’re saying! I mean, wtf is “y’all”, anyway? If you can’t speak proper English, go back to wherever it is that you came from!

  • Wuts dat der?
  • Looka dis heeya!
  • Wanna gwup da mou’un witme?
  • Gimmie da melk, im tursty.
  • I’m a muricun, disiz maaah cun’ree!

I mean, seriously, where the hell are these people even from? This is America. Learn to speak English or GET OUT!

I mean, really. Pack up your things, and head home. NO, just because you were born and raised in the American South doesn’t mean you’re actually American, if you can’t even speak proper English. You shouldn’t be here if you can’t speak OUR language properly. That goes for you, hillbilly, I don’t care that one or more of you became “Preyzideyunt”.

We’re taking our country back, from you bumpkins. That’s what our forefathers would do. Well, not Everyone’s forefathers, but these here Confederate forefathers sure would.

The earliest citizens of America, and up until quite recently in American history, were people who lived day to day surrounded by people from different cultures, who spoke completely different languages. The majority of people around them were Speakers of English as a Second Language, and most spoke no English at all prior to arriving on these shores, and used only their own native Mother Tongue in and amongst their own ethnic communities around America.

That is to say, that all of the “Real Americans” who founded this country, were people who were surrounded day to day by people who either couldn’t speak any English, or could barely speak English at all. That was, and is, an extremely American cultural situation to be in. In fact, if there is one thing that can truly be said to be “American Culture”, it’s being surrounded by people from different countries, from different parts of the world, with their own languages, accents, native homes, religions, cultures, beliefs, and unique perspectives.

What is most definitely NOT AMERICAN, is thinking that people who don’t speak like you, think like you, believe what you do, behave like you, or do what you do, are somehow less American than you.

Those people who come to America and speak poor English, that’s on top of speaking at least one other language perfectly fluently. For many people, English is their 3rd or 4th or 5th language. Whilst you, hillbilly, can’t even manage to get your first language even remotely correct. Your English sucks. A Newly founded America, on the other hand, was trying to decide on which language was to be used as the new national languages. There were several languages considered, all with large numbers of Native speakers speaking that language daily in America, with the exception of Latin, a learned second or third or fourth or fifth language of the learned.

In fact, if you CANNOT speak any other language fluently besides your poor attempt at English, YOU DO NOT have anything to say about anyone who is learning English as their Second or Third Language. Learn to speak another language with Native fluency, then maybe open your mouth. Or better yet, learn to speak your own native English properly first, before opening your mouth about anyone else’s English ability.

America is not a place where we define being American as an ability to speak the random language of the Anglican, English. People need only use English as far as it serves their requirements in daily life, and the needs throughout their lives here. English is one of the dumbest languages in the world. Most people don’t even like the English language, and nobody thinks that English is better than their own native language, regardless of where they’re from. English isn’t American. It’s simply the language selected for conveniences sake, because most people happened to be speaking it already, and it was just easier to make English an official language than it was to have everyone learn a completely different language. This is specifically because it is VERY DIFFICULT to learn foreign languages to a fluent, native level. Not everyone can even do it. Lets see YOU do it.

If people come to America and can’t speak any English, that’s because not everyone has the ability to learn foreign languages to native fluency, very few people, in fact, do. They don’t have to learn English. How about instead of everyone else learning to speak so perfectly you can easily understand it without any effort exerted on your part, you, rather, pull your own head out of your ass and try to figure out what they’re trying to say? Or find a different job yourself, one without the need to talk to different people who aren’t exactly identical to you.

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