Confederate Monuments: Art & Culture or American Anti-Culture

Should Confederate Monuments of the Southern United States, erected to extol Southern Leaders of the anti-U.S. Confederacy decades after their failed coup and ultimate demise, be protected, defended, preserved or even cherished?

Should they be held as “Art” pieces worth anything more than a Statue of Hitler in Germany or Israel, a statue of a glorified Pol Pot in Cambodia, a statue of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, a statue of Kim Jong Un in North Korea, or a statue of Stalin or Lenin in Ukraine?

How would you feel if it were a bronze statue of a hooded KKK member murdering an African-American slave by immolation or hanging, erected in a public park square?

That’s exactly what a confederate statue looks like. It’s not art, any more than any of the above statues are considered art. The above statues in those foreign countries have all been pulled down with great joy and happiness of the people who survived those terrible circumstances, brought on by those terrible people.

6 million European Jews perished beneath the gears & mechanisms of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Would you find it acceptable to keep a statue of Hitler up in a public square in Israel or Germany for all to revere? What if the statue was adorned with fancy rubies and emeralds and was gold plated and just REALLY artistic-looking?


Nazi-sympathizers would like to see it, and that’s it.

60 million Africans are said to have perished directly beneath the dire oppressive foot of Slavery in America alone. Ten times the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust. Is it appropriate to have a statue up that shows how proud you are of such perpetrators, showing us all what esteem you hold them and their works in?

Is it?

Confederate-sympathizers think so, and that’s it.

The likes of General Robert E. Lee, Jefferson F. Davis, Thomas J. “Cornball” Jackson, Robert B. Rhett, William H. Gist, William L. Yancey etc went to war with the United States of America specifically to maintain a hold on slavery, slave abuse, hereditary slavery from birth, and the free laboring, rape, torture & murder of equal human beings, all for money, power, profits, huge profit margins, greed, monetary gain, perversion, and to serve sadistic, psychotic & sociopathic ends.

To erect these statues would be to insinuate that you won, or wish you did. It would be as if we’re living in some strange alternate reality where children wake up singing the Confederate National Anthem and Salute statues of White Supremacists every morning.

Is that what this is?

I didn’t think so.

Though a dreamland for many, no doubt.

These aren’t people who care about artistry or cultural art relics. They are a people to whom art & culture is a wholly foreign concept. They don’t care about Art, and couldn’t tell the difference between Michelangelo and Donatello.

This is about racial Pride, and pride in a racist culture and state-sponsored pride in an ethnic genocide.

The original Secessionist Southern Confederate States who actively and enthusiastically engaged in the open murder of Half a Million United States Citizens, were:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • Texas
  • Indian Territory (Oklahoma Territory)
  • Arizona Territory

The citizens of these regions today are largely where the offspring of the Anti-United States Secessionist Southern Confederates live and breed today. Some places, like Idaho, saw a massive emigration of defeated Confederate Soldiers and their families immigrate & settle there, where they ended up taking control of the politics and culture. Idaho, today, along with the Southern States that engaged in open Treason and more Treacherous Murdering of United States Citizens than all other Foreign wars before or since, are largely comprised of the offspring of disgruntled Enemies of the United States of America, the Prideful Confederates. Many of these Confederate families and their descendants have moved to areas of key significance during the Civil War, and you’ll find strong Confederate sympathies in places like Pennsylvania, which comes as a surprise to most Americans. Their belief that they’re actually very American, more American than most Americans even, brings them to relish earlier times before the Civil War, and they feel a strong affinity to Boston, and see the Boston Tea Party, on some level, as their doing as well. Boston is home to a great many Confederates and extremely Racist individuals. Their only claim to being remotely American is the tea party, apparently, and nothing since. They’re so racist, in fact, one might even conclude that they must have been part of the South during the Civil War.

You see people from these states in our political systems, in our police forces, in our military, in our media, in the music industry, on our national television channels and in our movies, spreading their hatred and bigotry through subtle innuendos, veiled insults, and disguised anti-American pro-Confederate core beliefs.

You hear things like “the good ‘ol boys”, and then they associate that with being American, and even with the American Flag, rather than as the treasonous anti-American white-supremacist confederate garbage it really is.

You hear “The Heartland”, where their heart is, in the deep, racist, failed confederate south, which they mourn and romanticize.

You hear “Land of Dixie”, where they wish they were, with all the other white supremacist confederate sympathizers, where they’re free to be as racist as they please, and revel in their murdering of 500,000 free Citizens of the United States of America and 60 million African people.

You hear “Sweet Home, Alabama”, where life is sweet, if you’re a white land owner, where you were once free to murder African human beings as if they were something less than animals, even.

You hear “Southern Hospitality”, where you are treated to a cold glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and some homemade apple pie, unless you’re not white, then you’re shot dead. So, not only are you welcomed, Southern-style, but you’re also kept safe of the human infestation of non-white people, Southern-style, as well, thankfully.

They are in charge of Media Outlets, they host Talk Shows, they are there right in front of your face, gleaming white, a virtue they themselves believe makes them worth more than you.

They are popular faces, brought into your homes, rosy-cheeked and all southern smiles. They are the enemy of the Republic, who kill the dream of the Republic and Republicanism brought to you by America’s Founding Fathers, and defended by these Northern States at the cost of 500,000 lives of citizens of these United States:

  • Arizona (After Statehood)
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware – (Slave-owning)
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky – (Slave-owning)
  • Maine
  • Maryland – (Slave-owning)
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri – (Slave-owning)
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia – (Slave-owning)
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado Territory
  • Dakota Territory
  • Idaho Territory
  • Montana Territory
  • Nebraska Territory
  • Nevada Territory
  • New Mexico Territory
  • Utah Territory
  • Washington Territory

Many of the Confederate White Supremacists from the South and Idaho have spread throughout many of the original Republican United States above as well, and many of their views and hate groups and much of their ‘next door neighbor’ influence has been felt as well, further deepening the racial divide in our country.

Their mission is one of Polarization. Polarizing the people by playing to their vanities and sympathies, prides & prejudices. They work to make everyday American things “white” things, and spread seeds of mistrust, hatred, bigotry, racism, blanket racist statements, racist sentiments, religious & racist bias, and other “good ‘ol” tricks of the deep south and their special brand of “hospitality”.

Their racist white supremacist culture and profound ignorance was the cause of a full-scale war that left nearly 1 million dead, a minuscule fraction of what they themselves murdered senselessly and shamelessly in the many decades leading up to the Civil War.

It is not American.

There is nothing, NOTHING American about the South, their Southern ways, their Southern toothless charms, their Good ‘ol Boy culture, or any of the myriad of destructive doctrines, beliefs, feelings, or ideas emanating from their contemptuous offspring and their foolish sickly ilk.

America was founded on Republicanism (no, not the Republican party), the best ideas from Ancient Rome, the Greco-Roman cultures & philosophies, the ideologies & educated passions of the Renaissance. America is a way of life, a core ideology, an uncompromising commitment to liberty, freedom, equality, and the inalienable rights of all mankind. America represents, at its very core, a total rejection of the Aristocratic Southern Plantation owners driving the simpleton Southerners & feeding their pathologies to serve their own ends. The result of that greatest and most anti-American of evils being the hatred and oppression of our Brothers of the United States, which has given rise to the likes of Trump.

Your Rights are inalienable, whoever you are. Your rights are God-given, or innate, apart of the Universe, and protected by this Republic and the Defenders of it, and no one can take them away, save they seek to destroy this Republic and make war, again, with the United States.

Be not mistaken. These United States stand firmly built upon the Rock of the Republic. These are not yours to destroy. This is not Your America, but My America, and the America of all those who seek to defend the inalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms of all mankind, from all walks of life, wherever they be from.

Our Founding Fathers knew it was necessary to avoid the unchecked indulgence & luxury that destroyed Rome, which controlled the South and now rules America.

The only true citizen of the Republic is and forever will be the one who ignores monetary gain, greed, personal compensation, and lust for power, and commits instead to resist and eradicate corruption in all of its forms, including the corruption of our core principles and founding precepts.

This Republic is sacred.

Our leaders, and all who call themselves citizens of this Great Republic, must serve the Republic in a truly Representative way, in the interest of all people, completely ignoring self-interest, personal gain, personal belief, bias, opinion, self-interest or individual will. We require the service of those willing to give up their personal interests for the common good & general welfare of our Republic and all those who are in the Republic. All Citizens of the Republic must be strong defenders of Liberty, Freedom, Equality & Justice, and must also challenge any corruption, greed, nihilism, Machiavellianism, prejudice, malice, hubris or anything else from the subversive elements in our society trying to destroy Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Equal Benefit for all, and Fair & Just Impartiality, in lieu of personal bias, individual gain, greed, bigotry, racism, or ill-will.

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