Soccer vs Football vs FutBol vs American Football: What’s the Difference?

So, most people don’t know this, and all you hear is line after line of arguing back and forth about what the real name is, and how stupid one or the other party is.

Here is clarity, once and for all, for all those who don’t know, which is probably you, so you don’t have to sound like a tosser or a wanker the next time you’re at the pub taking the piss out of one of your mates.

There are 2 types of Football, the first is:

  • Grid Iron Football

There are 2 main types of Grid Iron Football widely played today:

  • Rugby, also known as “Rugby Gridiron Football”
  • American Football, known as “American Gridiron Football”, usually just called “football” in America

Both evolved from a similar original game, Rugby developed at school called Rugby, in England, American Gridiron football developed from a combination of styles brought from England and played at various schools in America. Rugby and American Football have the same root, and are very similar games. Both are forms of Grid Iron Football.

The other type of football played today:

  • Association Football, usually just called Football everywhere on the planet but America

In America it’s usually called “Soccer

FutBol” is the exact same as Football, just spelled closer to how most of the rest of Europe spells and says it. Saying it with a foreign accent doesn’t make it more correct, or even any different.

If you play Association Football, you are known as a Footballer.

Association Football is often just called “Assoc.” (Ay-soc) for short

“Do you play Assoc?” is short for “Do you play Association Football?”

If you play Association Football, you are also known as an “Assoc’er” (Ay-soc-er) lit. “Someone who plays Assoc. Football”

“Assoc.” can be further shortened to “‘Soc”

“Let’s play Assoc.” can be shortened to “Let’s play ‘Soc”

Seeing a group of people playing Association Football, you might have said “Hey look, Assoc’ers”, shortened to “Hey look, ‘Soccers”

Thus, “Soccer” literally means “Association Footballer”

Today, Soccer is just what the game is called in America. Soccer is not some random weird American name that doesn’t have anything to do with Association Football

And now you’re one of the select few who know, so, go impress your friends, and stop trying to make your goofy ümlät sound.

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