Edward Snowden Révolutionnaire

Edward Snowden is a hero. An American Hero, a Hero for Americans, a Hero for the World, and a Hero for Truth and Justice.

The only enemy of America is those individuals in power who seek to usurp our freedoms and liberties in the name of our own security, claiming to know what’s best for us, regardless of our own constitution, even.

Endless Fear-mongering has led us to this situation. Fear of “terrorism”. Fear of Terror? Terror being violent acts meant to threaten us or kill Americans, to keep us in fear? That definition exactly describes the NSA, HLS, the CIA, and the FBI. Murderous, bloodthirsty, pathological, psychopathic desire to capture and kill Edward Snowden or worse, imprison him for life, and keep Americans fearing the all-powerful anonymity and secrecy of these quasi-American clandestine organizations willing to murder to keep secrets from the American people.

Its absolute Tyranny and, by every definition of the word, Terror. They are organizations and individuals who thrive on bullying, lies, deception, threats, death threats, threats of the end of your life and freedoms, imprisonment, incarceration, murder, and forcing you to live in fear, fearing them and their unchexked, unchallenged power. Terrorists by every measure of the word.

Snowden laid bare the absolute violation of our own constitution these organizations wipe their asses with in spite of us all. People who believe themselves above the rest of us. People who believe they know whats best for us, and that it’s completely beyond our own purview. You’ll have to take their word for it, it’s best for you, trust them, it’s just completely in secret, and is in every aspect of your life, home, family, and bedrooms of your children, open 24/7 for their own purview and at their pleasure.

Each and every electronic device currently available for purchase and use on modern networks by all major carriers is nothing more than a tracking, video and listening device to every aspect of your home, personal and family life.

Your phone is their phone. Your front and rear-facing cams are their cams. Your phone’s 3-microphone matrix, their whole-room listening device and audio bug. Your GPS and geolocation are their tracking and monitoring devices. Your child’s tablet is a tool they use to collect information on you and your family’s behaviors, conversations and movements. Your laptop, their global botnet.

Oh but you trust your government and love your country. Mmm, not so much, particularly when you are supporting the destruction of its foundation and founding principles, freedoms, personal protections, individual rights and protected liberties. In fact it makes you anti-American, and a freedom-destroying terrorist, and a pretty big fkn pussy, as well.

The United States Government has a strict policy of taking everything it can ever learn about you, and using it, with extreme prejudice, against you, to the maximum extent possible. “Everything you say can AND WILL be used against you”, absolutely will. Whatever pathetic explanation you offer any branch of the United States Government, or any Office therein, is designated to use everything you say first to educate themselves on your picture they’re ignorant of, and second, to take that information and pick it apart and use it fully against you in every way physically possible. That is their only guaranteed constant Modus Operandi. Doesn’t matter how injust, inhumane, or unfair it is. That’s simply the way the US Government operates. If there’s anything which is good and can be used for your benefit, the government will twist it, disregard it, or just ignore it even exists.

You can rest assured there is no particle of information gathered that isn’t designed to be used against you to the most extreme extent possible.

Now, if you want to opt in to having your phones, vehicles, devices computers etc opened up completely 24/7 in support of tge fear-nongering and control agendas of your Clandestine Agencies out of your patriotism that is doubt the bravest thing any American could do, that should be something you opt in for, sign yourself and your kids up for, and open your household to, to be a part of their Prism data collecting program. And more power to you.

But that’s the extent of the Program’s reach, though your misery would undoubtedly love the company of every other American. Its not American and no American has ever trusted their police departments, or their government, in the history of America. You’re not American because you do, you’re simply a fool, and Xenophobic Racism and Nationalism are the only tools of your trade.

Binding people together with a deep and irrational fear of a common, easily-identifiable enemy is the oldest trick in the Fascist playbook.

Snowden, the architect and mastermind of the entire monitoring program, perhaps the most brilliant mind in America, risked everything, sacrificed everything, gave up everything we all hold dear, so that the American people might know to what extent our NSA has trampled over our rights and invaded our privacy and homes, resting their heads on our pillows, in our beds, and the beds of our children.

And for that singularly selfless act, Americans want him dead, hunted down. That is your enemy and the enemy of America, those who would hunt down and murder a national hero and Defender of our lives, rights, country and life as we know it. You are our enemy. You are the only terrorist and the true Terror for all true Americans.

As a result, our greatest mind is now in Russia, and is now Russia’s greatest mind. That’s exactly how stupid our government is and how imbecilic the NSA and those assmonkeys in charge are. Literally the stupidest people on the planet, achieving the stupidest thing ever to be achieved in the history of our nation.

An actually intelligent “intelligence organization” would have been honest with the American people and the people of the world. Told us exactly how it works, how its being used, what’s being collected and why and shared with whom. And then worked with the intelligence organizations of the world to share technology, Snowden’s technology, and put it to use for global benefit.

But its America, so of course they can’t. They rule the world and all lives upon it. They can’t reveal it because its very, very wrong, illegal, intrusive, violating, oppressive and wholly self-serving, anti-American, anti-human and extremely evil, the likes of which the world has never seen.

America treats its own citizens worse than any other country treats their citizens. America rules through fear, mass imprisonments, segregation, making you suspicious of your neighbors, tricking you in to putting white nationalism above your fellow citizens, and giving police free-reign to execute anyone they want to.

The pathetic sappy Americans are likely hoping that they’ll get some “likes” from all the attention the NSA pays them, which far exceeds the amount of attention they’re getting from everyone else on their Social Media. Being monitored likely gives them a sense of validation, like being on a reality tv show, or having your own eager and very interested Twitter following that is keenly excited about everything you do each second of the day, a dream come true for most narcissistic, megalomaniacal, shamelessly self-promoting Americans today.

Long live Snowden.

May you find happiness and peace, and solace in knowing that you are no longer apart of the helpless, ungrateful wholly-oppressed victims we all are.

And may you continue to save the world from American tyranny. Take the NSA to task. And you owe Americans nothing. Let them sleep in the bed they’ve made for themselves.

We’re behind you. Bring our fall.

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