Reasons NOT to upgrade to Adobe CC


Adobe calls its CC subscription a “Perpetual License”, a License that lasts forever. In fact, every piece of Non-subscription software you’ve ever owned is an ACTUAL “Perpetual License”, you own it forever and ever. What Adobe CC is, in fact, is a “Perpetual Payment Requirement”. Its the literal opposite of a perpetual License. Its a license that is so temporary, in fact, if you do not pay Adobe every 30 days, you will lose your access to the programs you have been using and have relied upon. So, CC is a 30 day loan license, designed to make users pay Adobe $70/mo for the rest of their lives.

Adobe CS6 Master Suite was around $2500, with Design Standard Edition around $1200

Adobe CC ‘All Apps’ is currently $66 per month. In approximately 3 years, you would have bought the CS Master Suite, and about a year and a half for Design Standard Edition.

CS Version History is as follows:

  • 2003 CS (8.0)
  • 2005 CS2
  • 2007 CS3
  • 2008 CS4
  • 2010 CS5
  • 2012 CS6

Photoshop Version History is the following:

  • 1990 v1
  • 1991 v2
  • 1994 v3
  • 1996 v4
  • 1998 v5
  • 2000 v6
  • 2002 v7

What Creative Cloud is doing is asking you to pay for the entire Suite, and then they will immediately force you into buying the next version, to keep you going.

I, personally, have used Photoshop for Business since Version 1. If Photoshop had a subscription service back then, just to keep with the standard rate of inflation, it would be an ungodly sum today, and way beyond the rate of pay increases & standard of living expenses.

If you added up every version of Photoshop from then to now, you’d be floored by the expense. However, and this is the entire key to the whole thing, NOBODY bought the latest version of each new build they created, nor could anyone afford to, and it has little to do with price. No company can be required, on demand from the developer of a random software tool that they rely on, to suddenly drop everything they are doing and learn an entire new work flow and process for doing things. In the days of desktop publishing, imagine how asinine it would have been during Print week to have some little scrubby dorks over at the little Adobe company suddenly step into your office and tell you that you have to stop what you are doing while they install a brand new version of Photoshop, that has all kinds of changes, different layout, different menus, different location of things, different ways of doing things, etc, that everyone suddenly had to learn before moving on with their work. They’d have to struggle through it, hoping for the best, and possibly even end up with a final product that wasn’t the same as the previous month, or the person or company you send the work to has to figure out how to adjust their work to fit the changes as well.

This could very well cause you to miss deadlines, stay up countless more hours, and work through your weekends etc just to try and make some stupid tool, from the Narcissistic Megalomaniacs over at Adobe who’ve now inserted themselves directly into your life because they want to change some thing that has no relation to your business, work properly.

We updated when we had time to update, and if it was even a necessary expense. We’d look through the change log, and see the new features, and see if the changes they made were actually going to Increase our productivity, or if they are even related to anything we’re doing. If they weren’t, guess what? That’s right, we’re not wasting time and money and hours simply trying to learn how to do the same thing a different way, just so we can claim to be using such and such a version.

The motivation behind the idea of having to have the newest version of something stems from vanity, self-praise, shameless self-promotion, trying to look more special than someone else. Its a pointless endeavor that serves only your own ego.

In fact, I had Version 1, version 3, version 5 or 5.5, version 7, CS2, CS4 & CS6

That’s approximately 1 every 4 years or more. CC’s current subscription has you buying a new one every 3 years. Over time thus far, that would be approximately 6 additional years, or 2 entire versions paid for which you didn’t need or want.

Adobe is keeping CC at this price because they’re desperate for people to leave the stand-alone versions of their products, but its going to increase, dramatically, over this same time frame, and you will have spent tens upon tens of thousands of dollars more than you ever needed or wanted to, and the cost to business could be much more, when they decide to stop your office production so they can do a little song and dance in the middle of the busiest week in your company’s history.

You also don’t have any use for the “20+” programs they include in their subscription. I’ve used Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Flash, Dream Weaver, Fireworks and Prelude, professionally, for business, and not all at the same time, which is 11 products, and usually just 8 of those, and those just 3 or 4 at a time for different jobs, over the span of decades. And there’s been many times when I didn’t need any of them at all, for long periods of time, but I still might have picked up Ps or Ai or Au or Pr for one project every few months or years even. Would it make sense to you to have to be making endless monthly payments just to do something that literally any version of the program over the past 10 years could do just fine? And in the end, after all that, I still have my original Programs. I can use them, sell them, Install them on other computers for different reasons, put them on some child’s computers or whatever else I want to do, and I don’t have to add yet another monthly payment to all of our long list of endless monthly payments.

This Perpetual Payment thing from Adobe is nothing but a brainchild of greed and lust for money created in a boardroom somewhere by people who’s only motivation was how to get more money from you, forever. Even the CC Logo looks like they’ve got you handcuffed in against your will for making payments for life.

Does it sound affordable? It depends on how rich you want your IG followers to think you are. Will it be affordable in 10 or 20 years later? Probably not. When Adobe disappears you won’t have a thing to show for all your years of payments that could have set you into a comfortable retirement.. Would that $30,000 be better used elsewhere? That $30,000 you’re going to end up spending could just have easily been half that price, were you to use it Professionally for business, and upgraded when it made sense to your company, employees and business rate.

You think paying $800/year for the rest of your life to do something that was created 15 years ago can do just as well. You could put a child through college with what you’ll spend on Adobe’s overpriced monopolized crap throughout your life.

They should have a Corporate/Business License for the current price, thats fine. Fair price for business and professional use.

The $20/mo should be for all private use, at the very least. There should also be options to buy it outright as a standalone executable for your use.

Would you spend $70/mo to rent a $2,500 Stove top, and at the end when you’ve paid it off, you don’t have a stove top at all? There are actually services which do that, you’ve seen the commercials. Who signs up for those? they’re called the dumbest people in history, or very, very desperate, so desperate they’re willing to do the dumbest thing you could possibly do, financially. That’s exactly what Adobe is forcing everyone to be, the dumbest people in history.

If you enjoy that sensation of someone else’s hand in your pocket, I can’t say I blame you, it can be exciting, to be sure. But when the thrill of some strange in your pocket wears off, just remember how much you’ve paid to a company who really dgaf about you or your company’s needs.







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