Photoshop Step & Repeat

This is the Hidden function to Transform, Duplicate, then Paste While Repeating the Previous Transforms to create an Endless Progression of Equal Steps, such as in the images above

  • Be sure the layer you wish to use for duplicating has a transparent background
  • Put the Layer in a New Folder
  • Be Sure your Canvas size is large enough to hold your finished project
  • Scale the layer to be sure it fits properly as well
  • Move the Object to the area of the Canvas you wish the Step & Repeat to begin
  • Select the Layer
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+T to enter Transform & Create a Duplicate at the same time
  • Move the Layer in the direction you wish the others to follow, at the relative distance you want it to follow
  • Drag the Center Pivot Point to the desired Location you want all other layers to Follow
  • Rotate the layer at the angle you want all the others to Rotate
  • Resize the Layer to the Scaled % you want the rest to also Reduce to
  • Hit Enter
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T to automatically Step & Repeat
  • Continue until you have the desired result
  • Select all the layers in the folder, and Merge them

In short:

  • Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Enter
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T


  • Use Arrows to move precisely level, use Shift to move rapidly,
  • Use X & Y for precise pixel movement to location.
  • Use W & H for precise pixel resize control
  • Use H & V for precise pixel Skew
  • Use the Angle Degree box for Precision degree rotation around the anchor point
  • Feel free to just drag, resize, rotate, etc. anyway you want to, then just Hit Enter
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T can be used to repeat as many times as you want, without limit


  • Ctrl + T = Transform
  • Ctrl + Shift + T = Transform Again, or simply moves object to right if there’s nothing no transform to repeat
  • + Alt = Adds Duplicate Function
  • Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Duplicates, but hitting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T only repeats itself to the right if there’s no transform to repeat
  • Its a good idea to take notes in a notepad about precision movements, in case you want to add other elements later with the exact same transition