Photoshop Step & Repeat

This is the Hidden function to Transform, Duplicate, then Paste While Repeating the Previous Transforms to create an Endless Progression of Equal Steps, such as in the images above

  • Be sure the layer you wish to use for duplicating has a transparent background
  • Put the Layer in a New Folder
  • Be Sure your Canvas size is large enough to hold your finished project
  • Scale the layer to be sure it fits properly as well
  • Move the Object to the area of the Canvas you wish the Step & Repeat to begin
  • Select the Layer
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+T to enter Transform & Create a Duplicate at the same time
  • Move the Layer in the direction you wish the others to follow, at the relative distance you want it to follow
  • Drag the Center Pivot Point to the desired Location you want all other layers to Follow
  • Rotate the layer at the angle you want all the others to Rotate
  • Resize the Layer to the Scaled % you want the rest to also Reduce to
  • Hit Enter
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T to automatically Step & Repeat
  • Continue until you have the desired result
  • Select all the layers in the folder, and Merge them

In short:

  • Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Enter
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T


  • Use Arrows to move precisely level, use Shift to move rapidly,
  • Use X & Y for precise pixel movement to location.
  • Use W & H for precise pixel resize control
  • Use H & V for precise pixel Skew
  • Use the Angle Degree box for Precision degree rotation around the anchor point
  • Feel free to just drag, resize, rotate, etc. anyway you want to, then just Hit Enter
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T can be used to repeat as many times as you want, without limit


  • Ctrl + T = Transform
  • Ctrl + Shift + T = Transform Again, or simply moves object to right if there’s nothing no transform to repeat
  • + Alt = Adds Duplicate Function
  • Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Duplicates, but hitting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T only repeats itself to the right if there’s no transform to repeat
  • Its a good idea to take notes in a notepad about precision movements, in case you want to add other elements later with the exact same transition
  • This is the same method you can use to create a grid in PS, by first doing the Horizontal Bar, then the Vertical Bar, and step and repeat each, checking the Info Panel to get the right size etc, or making it according to the Grid display you set to the size you want in preferences.