How to Remove and Re-Seat a CPU Heat-Sink & Fan Unit


To  Remove a Heat Sink:

  • Unplug the main power and detach all USB and audio cables, unplug the monitor as well
  • Unplug the Heat Sink from the mother board
  • With a flat-head screw-driver, twist all 4 corner pegs 1/4 turn to loosen
  • Lift upwards on each of the black corner pegs heads
  • Pull the entire heat-sink & fan unit directly upwards to pop the white board-pegs out of the mother board


To Clean & Prep the Heat Sink & Fan:

  • To Clean the Fan:
    • Remove the Fan from the heat sink by pulling the tabs out and lifting up on the fan
    • Use an old dry toothbrush to brush both sides of the fan blades and the upper part of the heat sink, to remove all dust..
    • Replace the fan on the Heat Sink by pressing down
  • To Clean & Prep the Heat Sink:
    • Use a cotton swab to carefully wipe away all the old thermal paste from the copper bottom of the heat sink, and on the copper top of the CPU on the mother board as well, (don’t remove the CPU)
    • Do not use your finger or fingernail to scratch off old thermal paste
    • Wipe both surfaces with a soft cloth
    • Squeeze a dollop of Thermal paste onto the center of the CPU plate, about the size of a round grain of rice or a BB, cover the thermal paste tightly and store securely
    • Don’t use your fingers to spread it around, it will spread itself without air-bubbles when you properly re-seat the heat sink unit on top of it


To Re-Seat the Heat Sink:

  • Pull all the black corner pins upwards, and pull the inner white pins downwards, as far apart as they will go
  • Squeeze each of the 4 separated white tips together with your finger tightly, one by one, so they are as close together as they can be
  • Turn the Entire Heat Sink so the corner with the wire coming out of the fan, is closest to the motherboard plug-in
  • Carefully lower the Heat Sink & Fan unit down over the CPU so the bottom of the 4 pegs lines up with the 4 holes
  • Do not twist the heat sink, set it straight down over the cpu, lightly
  • With your finger (not a screwdriver), carefully press down on the 4 center black molded, pin-holding rings that surround the pins.. Press on the top of those rings, which are a molded part of the fan assembly, about half-way down from the top of the pin.. push them until the low white pin penetrates the mother board holes completely and each white pin is resting flat on the mother board
  • Twist the tops of each of the black pins in the opposite direction of the arrow (could be the opposite direction on some pins)
  • Press each of the black pins directly downwards until you hear a tight snap
  • Press opposing corners first, then the adjacent opposing 2 corners last
  • Be sure all four pins have made a tight snapping sound, and the entire heat sink and the four pins have no movement, and are very tight
  • Plug in the Heat Sink Fan to the motherboard