How to Speed-up Photoshop on Very Large Documents

Photoshop Working Slowly?

No matter how large your Photoshop image or document and no matter how many layers, Photoshop can easily handle them, if you work smartly

  • Save Large Groups of Layers as Smart Objects Frequently, Group Layers by Location on the image, or by function, etc.
    • Save many smart objects layers by grouping them together into a new smart object
  • Set the Short & Fat or Tall & Thin option under Preferences>Performance, for every different or new item you work with in Photoshop
    • Set Thin & Tall for anything with more than a few layers
    • Set Short & Fat for anything for raw images and other large photos or documents with a few layers
    • Before attempting to edit any Smart Object, adjust this to the right setting when your smart object is opened
    • For very large Documents with many layers that are contained in just a few smart-object layers, adjust to short & fat
    • Adjust this setting as soon as your nudge or move begins to delay
    • Set it to one end or the other, according to the state of your document
    • Change this setting as the document you’re working on changes
    • No matter how fast your computer, you cannot edit a document with thousands of layers effectively without adjusting this setting along with smartly creating smart objects

Other things you can do to speed up Photoshop:

  • Increase Ram Usage in Preferences
  • Set Scratch Disks off of C drive
  • Close all other running programs
  • Purchase more RAM
  • Upgrade to any x64, 64-bit version of Windows so u can use more than 3.5G of ram

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