Start your PC from your Phone and have Files & Programs Waiting for You


Starting from your Phone:

There are 2 ways to start your PC from your phone:

The first is true Wake-On-Lan (WOL), a safe way, which starts your PC from a completely powered-off state, and only works from your home network, while you’re connected to your own Wi-Fi.

The second way is unsafe and unsecured, and goes through the internet, which leaves your computer open to hacks and exploits, and your PC could accidentally be turned on while your phone is in your pocket even.

I don’t recommend the 2nd way, so this is just about the first.

Sadly, there’s no real Wake-On-Wireless-Lan (WOWLAN) for your Laptop etc that can wake your Laptop from a completely Powered Off state, simply through a Wireless signal from your own home router.

That means that for this to work, your need a DSL Ethernet Cable connected physically to your PC.

If you want it to work from your Laptop, just dock it or run an extra Ethernet Cable to it, if you have the Port. It’s healthier for you than Wi-Fi anyway.

  • On your phone, Install “Wake On Lan” by Mike Webb from the Play Store. Its free and ad-free and doesn’t require any permissions.
  • Enter Bios on your PC
    • For Normal BIOS
      • Start your PC while Hitting the DEL button to Enter Bios.
      • Go to your Power settings and enable “Wake On Lan” or something similar
    • For UEFI BIOS:
      • Start your PC and tap alternately between F1 & F2 until you enter UEFI BIOS
      • Go to your Power Settings and enable “PCI Devices Power On” or similar
  • Start your PC and connect to your home network
  • Open the App on your phone, hit the “+” button and select your PC from the list which populates. This will automatically Bookmark it for daily use.
  • Next time your computer is Powered off, and you want to turn it on, like when you’re still lying in bed, just open the App and tap once on your PC Name and it will boot automatically for you and be ready and waiting for you.

To have windows automatically open certain documents, files, or programs etc:

  • Start > Run > (type) shell:startup
  • Create Shortcuts to your files, documents or apps, or whatever you want to have opened and ready for you, and drag them into this folder.
  • Delete them from this folder when your project is done, or you’re on to something new & different


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