Convert an XML Database to Excel or Access DB

  • Load XML db File into Dreamweaver, and make it editable
  • Copy & Paste entire XML code & text into a new Word doc
  • Use Find & Replace to rename all categories & database elements to your own database names, for example:
    • Find: QYPWMC=, Replace: Category Name:
    • Find: z=, Replace: Category Name:
    • etc
  • Be sure to give every category item a Standard DB name, even if you see its empty and cant find any value
  • Continue Finding & Replacing all unwanted elements, using wild cards
  • Find and Replace your newly created names as follows:
    • Find: Category Name:
    • Replace: ^lCategory Name:
    • Do it with each of your categories
  • Select the first item in your list, and separate it from others as follows:
    • Find: First Category Name:
    • Replace: —————————————————-^lFirst Category Name:
  • Open a new Excel Spreadsheet or Access DB, and name the column headers the same as your Word Category Names
  • Open the Find dialog in Word:
    • Find: Category Name:*^l
    • Find In: Main Document
  • Copy
  • Open a new Word Document
  • Paste
  • Find & Replace, in this order exactly:
    • Find ^l
    • Replace (empty)
    • Find Category Name:
    • Replace (empty)
  • Select All & Copy
  • Select the First box under the appropriate Excel or Access Column Category Heading & Paste Special… Unformatted Unicode Text
  • Repeat with every item

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