Set a Walk/Stretch Reminder for Your Health; an Auto/Delayed Shutdown of Windows, Anytime; & Create Shortcuts for Tasks

Set a Walk/Stretch Reminder for Your Health:

  • Open Start Menu> Administrative tools>Task Scheduler
  • Create Task
  • General Tab:
    • Name it “5 Minute Stretch & Activity Reminder”
  • Trigger Tab>Edit:
    • Method 1
      • Begin task On a Schedule
      • Daily
      • Start Now
      • Recur every 1 day
      • Repeat task every hour
      • Duration: Indefinitely
      • Enabled
    • Method 2
      • Begin Task at Long on
      • Any User
      • Delay Task for 1 Hour
      • Repeat Task Every 1 Hour
      • For Duration Indefinitely
      • Activate: Now
      • Expire: Years Later
      • Enabled
  • Actions Tab:
    • Display a Message
    • Title: Take a Break!
    • Message: “Take a Break!”, or whatever you like.. such as “Get Up! Do Some
    • Stretching! Walk Around! Do Some Cleaning! Get Organizing!”, etc..
  • Conditions Tab:
    • all unchecked
  • Settings Tab:
    • Uncheck:
      • If the Task Fails, Repeat
      • Stop task if runs longer than:
      • If task is not scheduled to run again
    • Select “Do Not Start a New Instance” from the drop down box


Schedule an Auto/Delayed Shutdown of Windows, Anytime:

  • Open Start Menu> Administrative tools>Task Scheduler
  • Create Basic Task
  • Name it ‘Shutdown’, hit Next
  • Click One-Time, hit Next
  • Set the Day to Today, Set the Hour, Minute, & Second you want it to turn off
    • Or select “At task Creation/Modification” to re-use this many times
  • Click “Start a Program”, hit Next
  • Browse to Windows>System32 and select Shutdown.exe, or just type Shutdown.exe
  • In the “Add Arguments” box, type:
    • -s -t 00
  • To reboot the system, add this argument instead:
    • -r -t 00
  • Change 00 to 1800 for a 30 minute delay, or to 3600 for a 1 hour delay, etc
  • s=shutdown, r=restart, t=time (in seconds, up to 10 years)
  • To use it again, click on the ‘Task Scheduler Library’ folder, go to the triggers tab, double-click the time to adjust the day & time


Creating Shortcuts:

After you’ve created your tasks using Windows Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc), you can create a shortcut to run the task by doing the following:

  • Set your task in task scheduler to trigger on “Application Creation/Modification” to cause it to run after the shortcut is double-clicked
  • Right-Click Desktop and go to New>Shortcut
  • Paste this as location: C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn “taskname”
  • Put the exact name of your task in place of taskname above, as listed in task scheduler
  • Click OK
  • Right-Click shortcut, Properties, and change Icon, and give it an icon that makes sense you to.
  • Double-click the new Shortcut anytime you want to run your task.

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