Saving Very Large Excel Documents to Images

Sadly, there’s no internal way to do this within Excel, as its own clipboard can’t handle large sizes and will truncate a good part of it. So here are my methods

Option 1:

  • In Excel, go to: Page Layout > Print Area.
  • Set the Print area all for your entire table you want to export, including one additional cell at the bottom if you have borders all the way around, since it seems to attribute the bottom border to the top of the lower cell when doing it this way.
  • Save File, then:
    • File > Save As > Select Location
    • Save as Type: Web Page (*.htm;*.html)
    • Click the dot that says “Selection: Sheet”
    • Click on “Publish” , not Save(the next dialogs look similar but aren’t)
    • Choose: Items on Sheet1 (or whatever sheet you wanted to publish)
    • Select: Print Area (eg. $A$1:$X$300 etc)
    • Click on Publish
      • If you are doing this the second time and run into problems, hit “Remove” on all the sheets in the Publish Dialog, Cancel out, and Re-Publish.
      • Click Yes to Overwrite, if prompted
  • Open your new .htm file in Firefox
  • Right-Click page & select “Take Screenshot”
  • Click “Save Full Page”
  • Click the Download Button & Select a save Location

Option 2:

  • Convert your Excel Database to MS Publisher Publication Doc
    • Open Publisher > New > More Blank Page Sizes > Create New Page Size
      • Create a canvas size that will hold all of your material from Excel, as big as you need it to be
      • Click ok
    • Open your Excel Table in Excel
    • Select your entire table & Ctrl+Copy it
    • Switch back to your Blank Publisher Doc and Ctrl+Paste it
    • Look at the size of your pasted image by measuring on the rulers
    • Go to Menu > Page Design > Size > Page > Page Setup…
    • Change the size to fit the chart to be the size you measured
    • Move your cursor just to the outside of the pasted table and click then drag it into approximate position
    • Use Arrow Keys to move it into more precise position, or Shift+Arrow keys to move it a bit faster.
  • Go to File > Save As > Jpeg
  • It may go unresponsive as it saves something very big, just be patient and wait.

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