Add an FTP Start Menu Item to Browse your Android Device

Here is How to Add a One-Click Shortcut from Classic Shell to Browse your Android Device

Step 1: Set up your Device’s FTP Server

  • Install ES File Explorer from the Play store or other apk site
  • Run ES File Explorer
  • Click the Globe-Device Icon in the top Right corner
  • Go to “Tools”, then Click “Remote Manger”
  • Click the “Settings” button
  • Deselect “Close on Exit”
  • Set Root Directory to the folder you want to share to your Computer, such as “sdcard” or “sdcard/FTP” etc.. be very careful selecting the system Root drive.. not recommended, as deleting the wrong thing could brick your device
  • Click “Set Manage Account” and give it a Simple Name & Simple Password you dont use for other important things
  • Click “Create Shortcut” to place it on your Homescreen; drag it to a Homescreen folder named “places”, if you wish
  • Click the Back button, then click “Turn On”

Step 2: Create a New Classic Shell Menu Item

  • Create a New Menu Item
  • In the “Label” Field, name it something like “Phone FTP” or “Tablet FTP”, etc
  • In the “Icon” field, Browse to an Icon of your liking
  • In the “Link” Field, type the address exactly as its show on your device, such as
  • Click on “Split Button” if you are using the Classic Start Menu
  • You can select “Dont Expand” if you’d rather not have it expand open from the menu

Step 3: Browse your Device

  • Turn your Device on
  • Connect to Wi-Fi, as usual
  • Click the “ESFTP” shortcut on your homescreen to activate your Device’s FTP Server again
  • Go to your start menu, and click on “Phone FTP”
  • Enter the Name & Password you specified earlier to open your Phones FTP Directory and have access to all items & sub-folders contained therein.

Then just make your own icons, using he images above

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