Enigmatic Ensign

Enigmatic Ensign

Things are as they are meant to be,
Regardless of the peril to you or to me.

There’s no man who can change the design of the stars,
They are fixed, immovable, unyielding sovereign czars.

Destiny rules the fates of all creation;
The planets and stars head towards their final destination

So why, then, should man, a tiny dot out in space,
Try to outwit design, by getting caught up in the race

Man struggles and wrestles, and fights tooth and nail,
He steps on his brothers, in hopes they will fail

Desperate to be heard and fade not into dust,
He causes mayhem and ruckus, and in vain he doth lust

The world built unto himself he doth promote,
Each selfish nuance he blathers by rote

He claws and he scratches his way to the top,
He seeks his own glory, and knows not how to stop

Seeking recognition of the world, and the glory of man,
He must convince himself, of all that he can.

Far from reality, he buries his head in a hole,
Unaware the stars and the heavens have created his role

He attempted all his life to outwit heaven’s fate,
And thus filled his role, until it was too late

The design is immovable, your fate here is sealed,
But the power is yours, to choose how to wield

Do the fates have you marked for destruction – a fool?
Or are the fates up and coming giving rise to a jewel

You have but one path that you will, in the end, choose;
You may become deity, or be the fodder of your own ruse

As the celestial bodies move, so, too, does man’s path,
And has thus far taken you, to here where it hath

You can be only what you’re truly destined to be…
So be strong and make choices that set all mankind free…


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