Fixing a Leaking Air Conditioner

  • Unplug the Power
  • Remove front panel
  • Take out the two Screens, and wash them thoroughly with soap & water with a toothbrush
  • Take out the Long Horizontal vent leaver
  • Remove the two Main screws in the front
  • Lift up the 3 screw covers on the bottom panel
  • Remove the 3 bottom screws
  • Remove the front screw for the electronic compartment Access Slot and take off the cover panel
  • Remove the Intake breather hose from its hook
  • Unplug the 8-pin connector
  • Pour Water through the top of the metal grates to see where its leaking from
  • Unhook the side away from the electronic housing first
  • Empty all the water from that end into a small bucket
  • Unhook the entire lower panel
  • Disconnect the water hose from the back of the lower panel
  • Let the panel hang by the connected wires
  • Wipe the entire hanging lower panel with a rag so its all clean
  • Use a small toothbrush to brush all the metal grates on the upper part of the main housing
  • Wipe the metal grates with a rag, going up and down, careful not to smash them
  • Wipe out between the small vertical louvers, the bottom area, and the entire cover inside & out
  • Clean out the connector to the hose on the lower panel
  • Clean out the part of the hose coming out from the machine with a screwdriver & a small rag
  • Move the Hose around to unkink it and to be sure it is wide open and able to begin free-flowing,
  • adjust it so its on is side and will not easily get smashed down again
  • Put the upper housing back on
  • Pull the 8-pin connector and the breather hose through the front panel access hole
  • Reconnect the 8-Pin Connector
  • Snap the breather hose back into place
  • Plug the Hose tightly back on to its connector in the bottom panel
  • Snap the entire lower panel back into place
  • Pour Water into the top metal grates again and be sure its no longer leaking, pour in enough to fill it up
  • Screw in the 3 bottom screws, and replace the screw covers
  • Screw the 2 main screws into the front
  • Snap the bottom Horizontal Leaver back into position
  • Slide the 2 Clean screens back into place
  • Secure the outer cover back down tightly
  • Re-plug in the power

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