How to Align Many Objects Evenly in a Given Amount of Space in Photoshop

  • Set one of your objects at each end of where you want to align, such as one at top & one at bottom, or one on the left & one on the right
  • Put all your other objects in between those two end objects, anywhere you want to, so long as they’re in the rough order u want them in
  • Set one of them to the point you want to align up to, and put all the rest on the other side of that point.
  • Hit V on the keyboard to select the Move tool, then Hold CTRL & Drag around your objects to select them all.. or hold Ctrl + Shift and click the ones you want to align one by one
  • Hold your mouse over the little icons above to see what they all mean, and first align all your objects either by their left, right, top or bottom, depending on where you want them all to line up
  • Next click on the Distribute buttons above, to either distribute all by vertical centers, horizontal centers, or one of the edges..
  • done!

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