Making Blending Modes appear Separate & Permanent, which Overlap its Underlying Layer in Photoshop

If you blend, layers, such as with Multiply or screen, and you want to make the layer you blended keep its current blended appearance while being lifted off the underlying layer and having properties of its own which overlap the layer, do the following:

  • Paste the top layer on the image and choose multiply for a blend mode, to see if its what you want (now the problem here is that you cant make it overlap whats underneath, though it does a great job of dropping out the background colors..)
  • Change the Blend mode to Normal, right click the layer and select “Blending Options”
  • Click the right-most arrow under “This Layer” and drag it slowly to the left until you get the appropriate blend and click ok
  • Adjust the Opacity of the Layer to get the right overlay

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