Outlook Program Settings

Step 1:

  • Right-Click Outlook Icon – Pin to Start menu
  • Right-Click Outlook Icon
    • Click Properties
    • Shortcut Tab
    • Run: – Select ‘Minimized’
    • Apply & OK

Step 2:

  • Control Panel> Mail
  • Profiles:>Show Profiles
    • ‘Add…’ give it a name, repeat for every contacts profile you need to make
    • ‘Copy…’ To rename your existing profile, then “Remove” to delete the profile with default Outlook name
    • Select “Prompt for a Profile to be Used”
  • Select Each new Profile and click “Properties”
    • Click the Data Files tab
    • Click ‘Add…’
    • Select ‘Office Outlook Personal Folders File’
    • Browse to a Previously used Data File or define a New Data File off of the C drive in a Folder
    • Entitled “My Outlook Data Files”
    • Give the New Data File the same name as the Profile Name
    • Click OK
    • Give it the same display name as the save name & the profile Name
    • Set the New Data File as the Default Data Profile, by clicking “Set as Default”, click OK
    • Go to the Email Tab
      • Click “New…”
      • Add all your Email Accounts, one by one
      • Select which account you want as the default send account
      • Click “Change Folder” if its not already set to your new Data file Location
    • Close the window
    • Repeat with every new Profile you created

Step 3:

  • Open Outlook
  • Right-click Taskbar Icon, select “Hide when Minimized”

Step 4 – Outlook Menu>Tools>Options:

  • Preferences tab:
    • Email Options…
      • Close original message -off, all others on
      • No Tracking
      • Include original message text for both
      • Advanced Email Options:
        • Messages Dont Expire – all others checked
        • Desktop Alert 3 seconds
    • Calendar Default Reminder (2 days)
    • Contact Options – Check for Duplicates ON
  • Mail Setup Tab:
    • Send Receive Immediately when Connected – OFF
    • Send/Receive…
      • Include this Group ON – All others Off – NO Scheduled Send/ Receive
  • Mail Format Tab
    • HTML
    • Internet Format
      • Convert to HTML
    • International Options
      • Encoding Options
        • Chinese Simplified (GB18030) for both
        • Both Auto-Select On
        • Enable UTF-8 ON
    • Editor Options
      • Popular:
        • Color Scheme – Black
  • Spelling Tab:
    • Always Check Spelling before Sending – ON
    • Ignore Original Text – ON
  • Other tab:
    • Do not Empty Deleted options on Exit
    • Make outlook default for all
    • Advanced Options:
      • Start up in INBOX
      • ON:
        • Warn before permanently Deleting
        • Show Paste Options
        • Enable Logging off
        • Use Unicode
        • When Viewing Notes Show time & date
        • Show Developer Tab
        • Show Add-in Errors
      • All others off
      • Service options:
        • No, i dont wish to participate
      • Auto Archive – OFF

Step 5 – Outlook Menu>Tools>Customize:

  • Toolbars Tab
    • Advanced
  • Options Tab
    • Always Show Full Menus
    • List Font names in Font

Step 6 – Outlook Menu>Tools>Trust Center:

  • Automatic Downloading
    • Dont Download Pictures Automatically
    • No RSS & No Discussion Boards, all others checked
  • Macro Security
    • No Warnings & Disable all Macros

*Dont forget to Set all Email Accounts to allow POP Forwarding from this time on, not from all past mails.

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