QQ Emoticons Tutorial

This is my Tutorial on How I Created Looping QQ Emoticons from Movie files, DVD’s, Phone Movies, Camera Movies, Etc..

Tools I Used:

– Windows Movie Maker

– Adobe/ Macromedia Flash

– eRightSoft’s “Super”, (forever free), in case your movie file won’t import into Windows Movie Maker

  1. Open your movie file in the free “Windows Movie Maker” that comes with Windows in your “Start Menu> All Programs”, by dragging your movie file to the stage.

*If it doesn’t import, Use eRightSoft’s free program “SUPER” to convert your movie to one of the compatible formats below:

– MPEG – Convert using the ‘MPG’ container, with the ‘MPEG-Layer 1’ codec

– WMV – Convert using the ‘WMV’ container, with the ‘WMV9’ codec

  1. if your movie is long, you can right-click on your video file and select “create clips” from the drop-down menu
  2. Drag your movie clip to the timeline below
  3. adjust the start and end times of the clip by dragging the ends of the clip carefully to the right points, to be close to what you want. it doesnt have to be perfect, just a small part of the movie, about 10 seconds long
  4. Select File > Save Movie File…
  5. choose “My Computer” and click “Next”
  6. Enter a Name and Location to save to
  7. in ‘Movie settings’, select “Show more choices…”
  8. Choose “Other Settings” and drop down the list to choose “Video for PocketPC (218Kbps)”

*Write down the Display size listed at the bottom for example: “208 x 160 pixels”

  1. Click “Next” to export your movie file
  2. Open Flash, select “Create New Document”
  3. select “Modify > Document…” or hit Ctrl+J
  4. enter the movie display size for Height and Width, e.g. 208w x 160h

*If you want your movie to go faster, choose a smaller fps, 8fps is faster than 12fps, and if you want a slower movie than your original, select a higher fps, 20fps will play slower than 12 fps. this won’t increase the file size either. 12 fps is our original movie speed.

  1. Go to “File > Import > Import to stage…” or hit Ctrl+R, and then select your movie.
  2. select “Import the Entire Video”, then select “Next”, then select “Finish”
  3. Set up the Time line as follows:
  4. Right-click on the timeline, select “Select All”
  5. Right-click again and select “Create Motion Tween”
  6. Right-click again and select “Convert to Keyframes”
  7. Right-click again and select “Remove Tween”
  8. Find 2 points in the timeline which look almost the same, to use for your start and end
  9. delete all the keyframes before your selected start keyframe, and delete all the frames after your selected stop keyframe
  10. in the menu, go to “Control > Loop Playback”
  11. click the play button and see if there is smooth movement, if not, you may have to delete a frame or two or copy and add a frame from someplace else in the movie, until your movie loops perfectly well, repeating smoothly, without any skips
  12. Reversing Frames: Copy the beginning frames of your clip if they don’t match well, by selecting the frames then right-clicking and choosing “copy frames” … then click on the first blank keyframe after your movie and right-click again and select “Paste frames” .. After you have pasted, click the first frame to the left of what you pasted, (to deselect the new frames) then click back on the frame to its right and hold the mouse while you re-select all your newly added frames. Right-click again and select “Reverse Frames”

22.also, you can simply copy all of your movie, and paste the entire movie at the end of your movie, then selecting the second half you just added and then selecting “Reverse frames”, however you will need to delete the first and last frames in the reversed sequence because they are doubles and will repeat two times, causing your clip to appear to pause.

*Your movie should be about 80 to 90 frames long, maybe 85 is good

**If it is much longer than 80 frames, you will have a file over 1MB in size, which is too big for a QQ Emoticon.

*** Try to make your movie as short as possible, 30 frames is better than 80

  1. go to “File > Save and Compact” and save the movie someplace
  2. go to “File > Export > Export Movie”
  3. Type a 6-letter name that you want to use in your QQ, followed by a name which identifies your movie… A name like “W3R21T Cool Movie” will import into QQ like W3R21T, and insures you will never type it accidentally.
  4. in “Save as type” drop down the menu and select “Animated GIF (*.gif)” and click “Save”
  5. set Export GIF as follows:
  6. click “Match Screen”, which should be 72 dpi, and 208 x 160, or whatever your movie is
  7. Colors: “Standard Colors”
  8. Check “Smooth”, which applies some anti-aliasing to smooth colors together
  9. Check “Dither Solids” which will try to copy movie colors by mixing the 8-bit, 256 color palette of GIFs to create more colors other than the base 256
  10. Check “Interlace” which allows it to load bit by bit rather than waiting until the whole thing is loaded to display
  11. Animation “0” repetitions
  12. Click OK, then import it into your QQ emoticons list through QQ..

Disclaimer and rights to usage: This process is “Intellectual Property” and belongs to my brain. My brain demands money from you if you use this process. Each time you use it, you shall pay me a royalty fee of 10% of the cost of the computer or hand-held device you are using, the cost of your shoes, or 10,000 rmb, whichever is higher. If you really enjoyed it you shall pay 25% of the cost of your education or 20,000 rmb, whichever is higher. If you conceive a child while watching a movie made with this process, your child shall pay me 30% of his gross earnings once he or she grows up and gets a job, for life. If you fail to comply with these rules, or try to think of something on your own, we will promptly remove your brain and place it in cryogenic stasis for a period of no less than 500 years or until copyright laws change, whichever is longer, for violating intellectual patents and copyrights. You wouldn’t knock over a bank, start a revolution, or lobotomize a stranger would you?

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