Secret Windows Snipping Tool Function

Windows Snipping Tool comes built-in to Windows, found in the ‘Accessories’ folder under your start menu programs.. It really sucks to use unless you know this little undocumented secret hotkey shortcut:

  • Select Snipping Type from the “New” drop-down menu
  • Minimize Snipping Tool
  • Hit Ctrl + PrtScn to Take a New Snapshot of your choice

This isnt available even in the Snipping Tool help section.. its obviously just the programmers over at microfart wanted to have a great functioning tool for themselves..
makes you wonder if all the problems with microfart software are really even problems for them too, or if they have all the secrets to make things work properly for themselves..
If you arent happy with Windows Snipping Utility, I recommend this Greenshot Screenshot Utility

Greenshot has alot more options, as well as the following PrintScreen hotkeys:

  • Capture Region – PrtScn
  • Capture Last Region – Shift + PrtScn
  • Capture Window – Alt + PrtScn
  • Capture Full Screen – Ctrl + PrtScn

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