The Conqueror

The Conqueror

The Past was always so innocent and carefree
Uncomprehending of what tomorrow will see

Time was there with its hand on the sheets
To slowly uncover what reality entreats

Youth is a state of inexplicable bliss
Free from the knowledge of what you might miss

There’s no folly, nor sin, your life is your own
The fates have no power, the world is unknown

The road to tomorrow is a long rugged trial
And is Pocked with deep pits, some as deep as a mile

Adorned to the end in the dark shroud of lies
Meticulously constructed for our ultimate demise

Riddled with Demons, they lurk all around
Just out of our vision, and don’t make a sound

With obstacles and hurdles to heed up the way
The pure heart of youth is their fodder and prey

The path is ever changing, and evolving ahead
To quicken you down, to where all are dead

Who can live long, and be not overcome
Who can rise up, and become not the numb

There up ahead, way up above it all
Is a horse, in the light, with a rider so tall

The Conqueror of darkness, misery, and woes
He rides forth with power, to vanquish all foes

With Aegis in hand, his knowledge is sealed
He extends his great Weapon which is offered to wield

His countenance shined through, giving light all around
He cast not His Mighty Gaze down ‘pon the lowly ground

“Come, then.” He thundered, shaking Heaven and Earth
To the children of the past, left contemplating their worth

To those in deep trenches, and bottomless pits of despair
He bids them return, to His throne in the Air

The innocent in youth, were now led by the light
They came to understand, they must join in the fight

They forged their own Armor, and weapons of war
They looked to the Heavens, and were beguiled no more

The truth, thus revealed, gave life to them all
They rose up to conquer, and cease forever to fall

Now armed and ready, they march through their life
Having felt the sting of the dark like a blunt dirty knife

They now, there, at last, know the meaning of joy
a sweetness unheard of as little girls and boys

They’ve grown now to know, all the pleasures of good
They set the darkness aflame, like dead kindling of wood

They reflect on their youth, and their innocent ways
not knowing such happiness, in their finest of days

Having been through the gall of deep sorrow and pain
They’ve learned what is Great, and have made it their aim

The overcome darkness now a distant memory
Living in Light, they see what tomorrow can be

Another day of vigilance, to brighten their way
knowing they’ll never again be taken astray

Their joys are now full, their lives on earth done
They ascended to the Heavens, to forever be one

With fear and trepidation, they gave thanks at the throne
and gazed ‘pon the Warrior they wished to make known

At the foot of their Hero, at last their heads did rise
Their centers were shook, their faces paled with surprise

Each froze, struck with fear, and stared in disbelief
They trembled and hid, but could find no relief

The face of the Mighty Rider, as it was finally made known
To each who gazed upon it, was only their own

As the cloud he rode in on now gathered him round
He gave a wink, and dissipated, nowhere to be found.

The Hero, the Warrior, the Conqueror of all
Had been them, in the beginning, and in the end, after all.


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