The Thorn of Throngs

The Thorn of Throngs

Deep down in that corner, in the place that you gave,
in the home of the knowing, the fearful, the brave,

Locked up in a chamber, through a secret dark maze,
never to be found, summoned, nor judged in its ways.

Protected by flesh, and by blood and by bone,
it can never be moved, from the place it calls home.

Dread Sovereign & Fierce, issuing Master Commands,
None stand in its way, it is Lord of all Lands.

As the stars in the Heavens, are in their immovable design,
So, too, is it’s will, which supersedes yours or mine.

It’s will, path, and movement, are as set as the Fates,
It heeds not your voice – it just watches and waits.

Coming forth in its time, from its own hiding place;
just spreading its wings, it can encompass a race.

Departing, where it dwells, in its tiny dark seat,
it can grow, and rise up, til the whole Earth’s at its feet

It will leave, to be sure, and be in the hands of another;
Entrusted to one as true as your sister or brother.

Or be careless, and let it pass to the betraying sly dog,
and be fodder for the destroyer, who’ll come, shrouded in fog.

It guides and directs you, it has hold of the reigns,
and after war has been waged, it is all that remains.

It is Primordial, the Source, and the Ancient of all days,
it knows the passions and furies, and the beginning of ways.

It is born of the Chaos, and forged by the war,
and the conflict of being which lies deep in our core.

Its power – unheard of; its strength – beyond mortals,
It moves through the unknown corridors and portals.

Its Fast and Decisive, more convincing than your head,
and is Immortal – unearthly, and can never be dead.

Its that rush of fresh, new life – drawn from the arena,
Where it throws you in, and watches, with Zeus and Athena.

We may be injured, deeply wounded, or perhaps even die,
or rise up, undefeated, and give a war cry.

A lot is expected, we are tested and tried,
many have conquered, and many have died.

But make no mistake, we’re not pawns in some game,
and we’re not tested, that we might gain glory or fame.

It sees us as more than a mere mortal life;
it asks us, and wonders, how we’ll handle the strife.

When we lose, get knocked down, its a loss to our soul,
But we must not forget, what’s our ultimate goal.

We are here to be Happy, and Conquer we must,
The proven remain, and the reward becomes Just .

To fall, and be beaten, is not what Gods do,
no matter the trial, we must always stay true.

When the enemy is upon you, your Requiem Knell at hand,
Be wise as Dragons, without fault, and take your stand.

All those who have fallen, seek your honor, to take;
and will scheme and will plot, hiding up what is fake.

Your fall, they may see, as their redeeming chance;
Be thou firm, yet agile, and steady thy lance.

Be nimble, make flight, to where greener fields await,
or linger, and wonder, and have sealed your fate.

It will test you and try you, until, there, at your end,
you will either fail, and bleed out, or to a bright, new life, ascend.

It cannot be dissuaded, nor steered from its course,
but all answers and truth, can be found at its Source.

Its will is as certain, as the Celestial spheres above,
It has been called by name: Enigma – Paradox – Love


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