Useful Windows Mods & Apps

Compatibility: Win XP through Win 10
Price: Freeware
Description: QTTabs bars primary function is to add tabs to windows explorer, making it easier to manage sessions with multiple tabs. QTTabs bar also has a variety of other customization features.
In addition to the default settings, I set the following on these tabs:

  • Tab
    • New Tab Location > Most Right
    • After Current tab closed, activate > Last activated
    • Multi-rows > Multirows
    • When Tab hovered by dragging > Activate
    • Tab as Drop Target
  • Tab 2
    • Show close button on Tabs
  • Tab & Window
    • When Navigation Pane Item Clicked > New Tab
    • When Navigation Pane Item Middle Clicked > New Window
    • When Close button clicked > Close Window
  • Preview
    • Try to show in Full Size
    • Picture/Movie/Text Max H/W > all 512 x 512
  • Misc > Export Settings now

Agent Ransack
Compatibility: Win XP through Win 10
Price: Free FULL VERSION for non-comercial use. otherwise 40$
Link: … &page=home
Description: Agent Ransack is a search alternative to windows default search, it offers faster and better results, without a need to be indexed (which many believe is hard on SSD’s), It can take advantage of the windows default indexing service if it isn’t turned off.


FileMenu Tools
Compatibility: 7-10
Price: Freeware
Description: This program allows you to customize the right click context menu, with about 40 pre-built commands, or you can even add custom commands to any executable you wish. The only disadvantage i see is you cant pin directly to the right-click menu, but in a sub-menu labeled Filemenu Tools.
Note: The installer includes some crap-ware that you probably want to avoid, so pay attention when installing!


Folder X Options
Compatibility: Windows 7-10
Price: Freeware
Description: Folder X Options has 4 features: Disable full row selection, Add Sortby header to ALL views instead of just details, Enable icon Re-ordering (a feature lost in XP), and Keep focus on file pane.

WinAero’s Explorer Toolbar Editor

Here’s a simple GUI tool to customize the command bar: Between the Classic Explorer toolbar and the command bar, all commands in Explorer fit on two compact rows vs the abominable ribbon. It’s a good idea to put those commands on the command bar which the Classic Explorer toolbar doesn’t have.

T800 Folder Options X


  • disabling full-row select (for dragging & dropping files)
  • Column Headers in all Views
  • Enable Icon Re-ordering
  • Keep Focus on File List view
JoeJoeSoft’s RenameMaster
  • Batch Renaming folders with many parameters with an easy-to-use Modern Graphical User Interface
NirSoft’s NirCmd

For easy access to hundreds of great & easy Command Tasks
It increases the power of Classic Shell amazingly by letting you add countless useful commands as buttons to your start menu simply by typing: nircmd.exe followed by one of the commands listed on their site.

Replaces the system clock automatically, and actually works on Windows 7 x64

  • After Download, Extract it to a Location of your choice, and open the folder “x64” and click on the .exe file there. (if your Windows is 64-bit, otherwise open the Win32 folder)
  • Be sure to click “Replace System Clock” as it starts up and runs through the wizard
  • On the “About” tab, you can opt to “Start T-Clock 2010 x64 When Windows Starts”
  • On the “Clock Text” tab, you can select any font you have installed, any size, any color “…”
  • And you can select the following Font Styles:
    • Anti-Aliased
    • No Aliasing
    • Clear Type XP
    • Clear Type Natural
    • Draft
    • Proof
    • Default Win2000
    • Bold
    • Italics
  • You can adjust the Vertical Spacing in case you use multi-level taskbars,, and the Horizontal spacing as well..
  • It can also make the Entire Taskbar Transparent (dont go above 85% or it will disappear!)
  • On the “Time format” tab you can specify hh:nn:ss ddd, mm/dd/yy in any order.. note “nn” for minutes, and not ‘mm’, which is used for Months
    • Use ‘dd’ for “Date #”, and ‘ddd’ for “Wed”, and ‘dddd’ for “Wednesday”
    • Use ‘mm’ for “03”, ‘mmm’ for “Mar” and ‘mmmm’ for “March”
    • Use ‘yy’ for “13” and ‘yyyy’ for “2013”
    • Use ‘/’, ‘-‘ or ‘.’ for separating punctuation, such as 03/13/13, 03-13-13, or 03.13.13
    • Use: \n for a Line Break
    • such as: “hh:nn:ss \n dddd \n dd.mmmm.yyyy ” to give you the layout in the image below.. at font size 10
  • It has customizable Menu Items you can create to files or paths, or use command Line & Switches for tasks, etc.. you can add to the menu
  • It has Alarms, Timers, Stopwatches, Timer Watch, Display Properties, A Calendar, and links to Task Manager and access to other system functions as well..


Inersi’s Signal NetStat 2

I found this cool little portable 88kb program called Signal NetStat 2. it can help you troubleshoot problems with add-ons, extensions, tools, and other things which you suspect are covertly accessing the internet, etc..
Click on a Remote IP Address that your computer is connected to, and it will list the Port numbers & Local Port Numbers it uses, as well as the status of Listening/Wait/Connected status of each port, and also the Host Name
Scroll through the Remote IP list, click it, and the Host Name will scroll automatically after you click
You can click “Block” to block an IP’s Access to Ports
Click “Show Hosts” to display the Hosts, and “Show Listenings” for Listening Status
you can also click to Get DNS & click to Get IP
I suggest not turning on “refresh every 5 seconds” since it takes a little while to refresh, and just refresh when you want to see whats going on
here is the executable: Signal NetStat 2.exe
its Canadian.. so, its harmless..
After you get your Host & IP, you can look them up on Hurricane Electric Internet Services at to get IP Info, WhoIs, DNS, & RBL data
and search the Host online for more details

Frameworkx’s FxVisor – Vista Shortcut Overlay Manager
works with Windows 7 to customize the appearance of shortcut arrows, their size, or remove them completely.
hard to find a reliable Download site though.. just search for FxVisor64.msi or FxVisor32.msi


Audioswitch on Google

A Program to Directly Switch Audio Devices with 1-Click – useful if you create devcon commands to enable / disable devices

Its a very small file, capable of switching your default Audio Playback Device with one-click of a mouse button
Great for headsets or headphones you often need to change back and forth to your regular speakers with
It also Monitors Sound Decibel Levels
Download the File Here: Audioswitch Download
The Source Project is here:

  • Run the Program
  • Right-click the Programs icon to Automatically Switch with one-click
  • Left-Click to Select & Monitor Devices
  • Set a Hot Key by Holding Down Ctrl for 3 seconds, then pressing the Hotkey of your choice while still holding Ctrl (or Alt/Shift, etc)


  • Adds Thumbnail Support for 224 extensions (162 Image Formats) to Windows
  • It’ll let you see thumbnails for PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, files, and alot of other files Windows cant display thumbnails for-
How to Use:
  • Close all Desktop Windows
  • Clean your existing Thumbnail Cache
    • Use CCleaner & select Thumbnail Cache
    • or hit Start > & Type: cleanmgr.exe – select your C drive – Tick “Thumbnails” – Click OK to clean
  • Download APFL Ghost Script for 32 & 64-bit Windows – Then Install it
  • Download Sage Thumbs and Install it
  • Restart your Computer
  • Open a New Window, Browse to a folder containing PDF, .PSD, .AI, .EPS, etc files, switch to Thumbnail View, and Voila!-


  • Extendeds thumbnail image view of Explorer folder
  • Extended info tips
  • Support for formats & extensions via the GFL Library
  • Will add support for an additional 26 image formats if XnView plugins are installed on your PC
  • Thumbnail image in explorer context menu (right-click menu)
    • Send Image by Email
    • Send Thumbnail by Email
    • Set Image as Wallpaper
    • Convert Image to JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG
    • Copy to clipboard support


Folder / Directory Info Tools:


  • Super Fast- Fastest I’ve used
  • Integrated into Context Menu
  • Tool bar Buttons for B, KB, MB, GB or Auto
  • Nice Graphic Representations, Bar or Pie Charts
  • Auto Expands to wherever you click, & Gives a Sub-Chart
  • Easy Report Export
  • FREE!


  • Has 3 Tool bar Buttons to other Paid Tools you cant remove, but u dont really notice them in full screen
  • Doesnt Show Free Space
  • Doesnt Show Unknown Space
  • Few Options


Windows Directory Statistics


  • Moderately Fast
  • Zoomable Graphic Chart of Clickable Individual Files, similar to a Defrag Chart
  • Expands to wherever you click
  • Shows Free Space
  • Shows Unused Space
  • Shows Different File Types in Different Colors
  • Easy to Find Large Files
  • FREE!


  • Hard to Click on Smaller Files
  • No new Graphics created for sub folders
  • No Shell Integration
  • Graphics Chart isnt labelled & is Kind of hard to handle
  • Report launches Email


File Menu Tools > “Size of Folders”
  • Comes with alot of other useful tools you are probably using anyway
  • Shell Context Menu Integration with the whole set of tools
  • No Additional Software needed
  • More Compact / Less Cluttered Menu
  • Has Colored Graphic Charts which are clickable to select as well
  • Can Ctrl+Select any number of folders you want & get the total size of what you have highlighted
  • FREE!


  • No Extra Options
  • No Files shown, Only Folders
  • The Slowest one I’ve used
  • Bare Minimum, probably works for most things though..

Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer

  • Network Traffic Packet Sniffing & Analyzing
  • Analyzes any program which sends or receives network traffic of any sort
  • Industry Professional Analysis, Troubleshooting, Development & Education Tool
  • Write Captures to Many Formats for Offline Analysis
  • Cross-Platform
  • Portable Version Available
  • Lots of Help, & Books about its usage
  • Developed over 15 years
  • Graphical Analysis with GUI, or Command TTY mode
  • Deep Inspection – 141000 fields in over 1000 protocols
  • Many Filters for Narrowing down Specific Displays
  • Live Data Reads
  • On the Fly Encryption & Decompression
  • Support for Port Mirroring & Network Taps
  • Can Play Captured VoIP Calls
  • Captures Raw USB Traffic
  • Free & Open Source

Process Hacker (open source)
It’s Even better then Process Explorer.

Aomei Backupper (freeware)



  • Best Clipboard Manager I’ve tried, and I tried all I could find
  • Essential for Online Forums, Emails, etc.
  • Never lose your typed work again!
  • Personally, I dont even bother to go online if I dont have this program installed & running


  • Saves up to 1024 of your clipboard states
  • Very Small Process, around 400k
  • Has 32-bit & 64-bit versions
  • Easy to insert Pop-up menu with the Insert Keyboard button
  • Displays thumbnails for Images..
  • Copies all types of files
  • Very Reliable, never had any problem with it and I’ve used it for many years
  • Select Paste Methods
  • Select what to copy
  • Customize Pop-up menu size & Behavior
  • Custom Thumbnail Sizes
  • Custom Hot-keys
  • Plug-ins Available
  • Many Icons to choose from
  • Can Hide system Tray icon
  • Works perfectly on my Win 7 x64, never tried it on Win 8

How to Use:

  • Download the 32-bit or 64-bit version from their site
  • Install
  • Right-Click > Configuration (My Settings):
  • General Tab:
    • Remember last 4-1024 history states.. I keep this between 100-300.. never needed more
    • Save History Across Sessions
    • Select Paste Method – CTRL+V
    • Click “Run ClipX on Start up”
  • Hotkeys Tab:
    • Paste menu (Primary) “Insert”
  • Pop-up Tab:
    • Limit Text Clipboard Menu Width to – I use 55
    • Show Item Previews- On
    • Show Text Formatting – On
    • Use graphical Menu Items – On
    • Limit Width to 128, Height to 64
    • Default Item – Second to Last Keyboard
    • Add search Item when triggered with Hotkey – On
    • use Caret Position when Possible otherwise use Mouse Positions

**This program is especially useful if you live in regions or visit forums & web services where the government or moderators control information or hide truths for propaganda or control purposes, or where they implement Sensitive word filters that either delete or trash your posts, or throw you to an error page.. Or for any website where your posts may not get posted because of a server time-out.. or anywhere you spend a good deal of time writing and for whatever reason your post and information may be lost or deleted, even up to several days later.

*** Be sure to get in the habit of hitting Ctr+A then Ctrl+C before hitting any Send or Submit button on the internet.

An essential tool that should really be installed before most other programs
Let’s you easily block access to servers and malicious updates etc, by programs on your computer
Just google a specific software program for a list of servers and websites it uses to force updates, covertly make changes to itself, or whatever other kind of malware behavior otherwise good programs may try.

Also great for simply blacklisting websites etc.

Can also be used to block your OS from accessing its servers

You could do that by editing the host file directly, but this GUI helps you do it easier, with additions to save you typing time.

If adding bulk lists, the Hostman can open the hostfile directly for you to paste long lists in..

FastStone Image Viewer

One of the best free, fastest, & lightest Image Viewers out there.

Most customizations, Conversion Options, Preview Options, Dual Monitor Options, Window Layout & Color Options, Magnifier Options, Editing & Retouching options, Sideshows, “Browse Folder with Fastone” Context Menu, etc, etc..

Great way to clean your computer from Windows & Web Data

Maintain your computer with cleaning tools for the specific programs or browsers you have on your computer.

Cleans things like Old Prefetch Data, Menu Order Cache, Font Cache, Tray Notification Cache, Size/Location Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Jump lists, Network Passwords, etc

Wipes things like Memory Dumps, Clipboard, Temp Files, Chkdsk fragments, Log Files, Error Reports, Startmenu & Desktop Shortcuts, Autocomplete, typed URLs, Cookies, History, Temp Internet Files, etc

Can also manage Start-up items, Uninstall, System Restore, Individual Cookie Manager for wipe white lists, etc

You can specify specific folders to include or exclude in cleaning deletes.

And can also check the registry for 15 different errors

Also has Secure Wipe options and comes with a 1-35 pass Drive Wiper

Greenfish Icon Editor 
Greenfish Icon Editor Blog

One of the best and easiest Icon Editors out there, and the one I use for all my Classicshell Icon Edits & Windows Icon Edits

Comes with Process Explorer, Autoruns, Process Monitor, VMMap, Rootkit Revealer, PStools, etc.. About 70 different Windows management Utilities in all, essential for taking control of your computer, identifying & removing malicious software, Solving Performance Issues, and Managing your Windows OS

How about having a Windows OS that is completely Install free?

None of the Programs that work with PortableApps can be installed on your computer, they are only portable versions of well-known Programs, ported specifically to PortableApps

It also has its own Start Menu

This means that you can take your entire OS with you on a USB Key, and have it anywhere you plug it in… all the apps and programs and data intact, provided you save it all onto your same USB Flashdrive.

It also means you don’t have to worry about all the security problems, all of the malware, or all of the problems that go along with full-installs.

I use this for running around to different computers in different offices, businesses or classrooms when giving lectures or training. It’s like having your entire computer in a USB key. You can use everything you need, without leaving a footprint or needing to install anything that a computer you use may not have or need special permissions to access. Works great at libraries or public computers that don’t give you access to anything.

I suppose it could even be made to work with WinPE, which would mean you could use it anywhere without an OS even.

Portableapps works best if you also keep all of your other portable versions of your favorite programs on the same USB key, so that you can use anything that is portable that you need, in case PortableApps itself doesn’t have it available for download.

ESET SysInspector

A free tool from ESET, its a complete System Diagnostics Tool

Gives you a lot of useful information about your system and what’s going on on your computer

Gives you online search right from the right-click menu for anything going on in your computer, as well as edit options, and direct location directory navigation to anything happening or present.

Has 32 & 64-bit versions


Compatibility: XP-10
Price: Freeware
Description: This useful little program adds shell Icon support for various movie formats (allowing them to have a proper preview Image)

Media Player Classic … -farewell/
Of course, since it’s open source, it can be forked. 8-)
Ultimate Windows Tweaker
Lots of Performance & Security Tweaks to take control of Windows
Windows 7:


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