Changing The Outlook Data File Location

To get the Outlook Data File off of your OS / C: drive, saving space and making it safer, do the following:

First, Close Outlook, it can’t be running

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Da

Cut (ctrl + x) all of the Outlook.pst files to a Folder on the Drive you want to move the
Data Files to

There is an Outlook.pst file for every account, such as:


Open “Control Panel” and click “Mail”

Click “Show Profiles”

Select a Profile and click on “Properties”

Click “Data Files”

Select the File and then click o “Settings”

An Error Code will appear, click “OK” to close the dialogue box and then browse to the folder you moved the Outlook.pst file to

Click OK 2 times to exit,

Restart Outlook

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