Color Picker with RGB / CMYK / HTML / Photoshop Values

This Color Picker also has many other display options, including HTML Hex, Delphi Hex, C++ Hex, VB Hex, PS, RGB, RGB%, HSL, HSV (HSB), CMY, CMYK, & Powerbuilder

Download the Portable Version from the right of the page, Here:


  • To use it, Click the Eye-Dropper Icon once but keep holding the mouse button down
  • While you’re mouse button is held, you can drag off of the eye dropper to anywhere on any monitor, over the color you want.
  • Releasing the mouse button saves the values in the app for use
  • Select the Output from the Drop Down list to the Right
  • Includes Color Inverter, Brightness Slider, Color Averaging, resizable layout, Palette Load & Save, & up to a 20x Zoom Magnification
  • Also allows color saves
  • Right-Click for More Options
  • But, Like all Computer Color-Pickers, it only takes the color it reads on your screen, it has no way of knowing which Pantone CMYK colors its really looking at, it just makes a guess based on a “K” (Black) factor..

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