Creating a Contacts Database

This is for creating a contacts database for use in Outlook

Its very important to create such lists, and you can have many different lists for different kinds of contacts

You must have an Excel Database for several key functions in Outlook 2007, such as creating mailing lists, which is unfortunate because it should be built into Outlook 2007

Its also used for importing into outlook to create or add Contacts list

  • First, open MS Excel
  • Then, on the top row, type the following in each box:
    • Title (mr. mrs. ms. dr. etc)
    • Last Name (Family Name / Surname)
    • First Name (Given Name)
    • Company
    • Department
    • E-mail 1
    • E-mail 2
    • E-Mail 3
    • Business Phone 1
    • Business Phone 2
    • Mobile Phone (mapped to a different phone location, such as “Car Phone” in outlook)
    • Other Phone (mapped elsewhere, such as to “Assistant’s Phone” when importing to outlook)
    • Social Media, (mapped to “personal” when importing)
    • Language (language they prefer you to use)
    • Key Words / Type (like “supplier”, “part-time jobs”, “trade companies” or another category)
    • Website
    • City
    • Province/ State
    • Country
    • Postal Code
    • Street Address

(you want to break the address into sections, because you’ll be able to put each item in a specific location and on specific lines in your emails)

Then type the information from your sources

*Be sure you don’t have any spaces before or after your text, for example “David” is ok, “David ” is not ok. If you have extra spaces then your emails will have extra spaces, which will look very bad

Then from Outlook, select “Import” and select “from other file”, then select “Excel 2003”, then select the File you just made

Then select “Map Fields” and drag the titles from your Excel file in the left column to match titles in Outlook they will match up to in the right column

Then select the Contacts folder you will import them to, and click ok

**Be sure you save the Excel File because you will need it again to create “Mailing Lists”.
Because using Mail Merge directly from the contacts list will only send one email to each
contact, even if they have 3 email addresses.

To solve that problem, we have to keep the Excel Database to create Mailing Lists with
every email address we will need, more on that later..

If you are using the English version of MS Outlook as an email client at work, usually the
Chinese characters for contacts won’t import correctly, so you can create a list in MS Access (Excel won’t work, and neither will CSV’s), by opening Access and choosing “import Excel Database”, then select “top row contains titles”, then save it in Access 2003 format, (2007 won’t import), and then import the fields into Outlook like you would with Excel, with the readable Chinese Characters

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