Creating Lightsaber Effects with Photoshop

  • Import your Photo
  • Create a New Top Layer
  • Use the Polygon tool to create lines along the angle of the saber, according to the angle and direction
  • Zoom in as close as possible to create a rounded point with the + Polygon tool
  • On the end by the Hilt, Zoom in close and slightly widen & round the base and turn up the sides by using the – Polygon tool
  • Fill Selection with White, using the Paint Bucket
  • Deselect

Outer Glow

  • Double-Click the Layer, and select ‘Outer Glow’, then click on the Outer Glow Panel
  • Select a Bright Green, Bright Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Pink, Bright Orange, Bright
  • Yellow, or Bright
  • Red for the color
  • Blend Mode: Screen
  • Opacity 90%-100%
  • Noise 0%
  • Technique: Softer
  • Spread 6-40% (Adjust Until you get the right look)
  • Size 27-250 Pixels (Adjust Until you get the right look)
  • Range 100% (98% if you want a light edge)
  • Jitter 0% or play around with them until it suits your specific saber size & image

Gaussian Blur

  • Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set the blur to anywhere between 4-50, depending on saber detail and size, until the sharpness is gone and the base & tip of the Saber look smooth and naturally out of focus


  • At this point you will need to re-adjust your outer glow spread & size, as well as maybe bump opacity down to 90-95% and maybe create an edge my nudging Range down to 98%

Inner Glow

  • Select a slightly brighter color for your inner glow than your outer glow
  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity 60%-100%
  • Noise 0%
  • Technique: Softer
  • Source: Edge
  • Choke 0% (up to about 20%, if needed)
  • Size 27-220 Pixels (Adjust Until you get the right look)
  • Range 100% (down to about 60% if needed)
  • Jitter 0%

Ambient Light

  • Add the Chosen Color to Swatches
  • Create a New Layer
  • Select the Brush
  • Select Saved Swatch Color
  • Turn Opacity down to necessary transparency,more transparency the further away
  • from the light
  • saber you get
  • Brush the Color onto hands and clothing and all things close to the Saber
  • Apply a Large 40+ pixel Gaussian Blur
  • Clean Up Edges with Full Brush Eraser
  • Apply a Light 2-3 Pixel Gaussian Blur

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