“Drip Marketing” Email Campaigns

“Drip Marketing” means you send your marketing plan out in parts, or steps, which are all related and apart of a larger marketing Campaign

In this case, you sit down at one time and write a series of emails which are related to your marketing goal

For example, the first email might be “We were very happy to meet you at the trade fair, Mr. Soso” etc, then make a second email which might read, “Hello from ABC company, Mr. Soso, here is a special offer on our product item #35 this week” etc and then a third and fourth email, according to your marketing plan. put in photos, and make it look very nice, in MS Word

Then do your “Mail Merge” which we discussed in the last blog, by selecting your contacts group and clicking “Mail Merge…”

Then select your marketing e-mail you created

Then, add the “Greetings” and other personal customer information , and send it off

** Be sure you have turned off “Send emails immediately when connected” in the outlook mail settings, otherwise all the emails will be sent out

(don’t forget to make a copy of the email and test it by sending it to only yourself first, right away, before you send it out to everyone else, to check accuracy and format)

Then, unfortunately, you must go to your outbox and open each email one by on
e and adjust the settings, which can take a while if you have a lot of emails (unless you just make a regular HTML email and put all the addresses in the “BCC:” field, with your own address in the “TO:” field , but then nothing will be customized, so its a bad idea)

So, with an email open, click “Delay Delivery” in the “options” menu

Check “Do not deliver before”

Then select a date, for example, one week a way, for the first email, and 2 weeks later for the next email, and 3 weeks away for the third email, etc..

Then click close and send the email, and repeat with all of them

Then repeat that with the second week, and third week etc for all your “Drip” emails

The emails will sit in your outbox without sending until the date arrives, then it will send with the next send/receive you do after that date and time

The advantage of this method, is you can finish one or two months of emails in one day, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore for a while

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