Font Viewer

AMP FontViewer is a freeware program for viewing all of your fonts

It has many options for viewing installed and not installed fonts

You can change the preview text to include a Chinese Sentence and Chinese Punctuation

Instead of “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog”, you could write “这个小狗跳过那个懒兔子吗?“

So 过, 个, and 吗, will change to show you if it is a traditional or simplified Chinese font or type any word or sentence you want to check fonts for

Go to your Windows Control panel and set the Keyboard Repeat rate to about 4 per second, so u can just hold the down arrow and see all fonts one by one..

You can change the color, font sizes, etc of all the displays.

And you can also group them into categories etc…

Download from AmpSoft Here:


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