Healing & Replacement Tools in Photoshop

1. Clone Stamp

  • Select “Aligned” for exact image clone
  • Deselect Aligned for free-painting adjustments
  • Alt+Right-Click the top Left Corner of image A, then Click in the Top Left Corner of Image B and begin a Stroke
  • Ctrl+Z to Undo
  • Paint in the Image for an exact Replica
  • Reduce Opacity to bring underlying Pattern through
  • Set Blend Mode to Overlay
  • Edit>Fade Tool to adjust last stroke if needed

2. Spot Healing Brush

  • Content-Aware is usually Best, Proximity 2nd Best, Texture is not ok
  • Not very useful, a tool from Elements, though it seems in may be improving recently.

3. Healing Brush

  • Select “Sampled” , Retains Original Sample throughout brushing
  • Mode: Replace, works like Clone Stamp
  • Mode: Normal, works like Healing Brush
  • Select “Pattern” to paint with a Texture
  • Use the Marque tool to select a surface sample for a pattern
  • Hit Ctrl+C & Ctrl+N, then Ctrl+V
  • Edit>Define Pattern… & Name Pattern, Close Pattern image
  • Or Install a Plug-In Pack for Filter>Pattern maker – Pattern Maker Plug-in
  • Use Pattern with Normal Mode

4. Patch Tool

  • Select Source, Use Any Marque Tool then Select Patch Tool, or Select with Patch Tool
  • Drag over to a Sample Area, & Release
  • Select Destination to Select the a Sample Area, then Drag it over the Place you want to Heal
  • Turn on Transparent to Merge Textures & Details
  • Shift+Alt click to use Polygon-style selection

5. Pattern Stamp

  • Select the Surface Pattern you made, then apply Stamp
  • Apply all details in small strokes, in small clicks, dont drag over the same area more than once per click, and dont wipe the cursor around back & forth
  • Use the “Clone Source” Panel for Fine Tuning and Adjustments of Clone Source Material

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