How to Create Force Lighting In Photoshop

  • Create a new document with the dimensions 500w x 200h
  • Click to make Foreground Black Background White in the color Box
  • Click Actions Tab
  • Click “New Set”, Name it Force Lightning
  • Click “New Action, Name it Create Lightning
  • Click on Record
  • Create a New Layer
  • Select Gradient Tool
  • Shift-Click the top middle drag to the bottom center to fill Black on top fade to white on bottom
  • Go to Filter>Render>Difference Clouds
  • Go to Image>Adjustments>Invert or hit Ctrl+I
  • Go to Image>Adjustments>Levels or hit Ctrl+L
  • Drag the Middle Slider right to 0.10 or less
  • Drag the Right Slider to the Left a little to make it Brighter, if desired
  • Stop Recording
  • Play Back Macro
  • Click OK on the New Layer & Levels Dialog boxes which appear
  • Repeat to create a new unique random Lightning Image for as many Fingers as you want shooting lighting
  • Drag the Images to the Photo you want to add Force Lightning to
  • Click on each Lightning Image Layer and set Blend mode to Screen
  • Free transform each one to the right Size & Rotation and line them up near the fingers
  • Clean up edges & Borders with the Eraser
  • Group them or Merge them into one Image, when you have them just right
  • Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation… or hit Ctrl+U
  • Click on the “Colorize” box
  • Drag Hue to a Blue, Red, or Purple color you like
  • Drag Saturation to the Right until you get the desired effect
  • Leave Lightness at Zero
  • Remember the Hue & Saturation Numerical values, and type them into the Hue & Saturation boxes for each of the other Lightning Images you have
  • Create a New Top Layer
  • Take the Brush and Reduce its Opacity and and paint on ambient light on surrounding surfaces
  • Clean up with the Eraser, and Gaussian Blur the Light Layer 2-3 pixels to smooth edges

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