How to Get “Business Contacts Manager” (BCM) for Outlook 2007/2013

“Business Contacts Manager” is something that is kind of essential for Outlook, it was replaced for 2016 with Outlook Customer Manager.

It has several nice features to outlook, including adding fields for contacts, and tracking of contacts

I don’t know why it doesn’t come free with all versions of Outlook, but its now an expensive feature only available in Business Premium Subscriptions to Outlook365, which is a complete piece of crapware/scamware aimed at perpetual payment licencing and data harvesting.

It only comes with “Outlook 2007/2013 Professional with Business Contacts Manager” edition

Its a 2 CD set, if there is not 2 CD’s, then it doesnt have BCM, but you can also get it online.

Here is how you can get it, if you already have a different version of Outlook on your computer without BCM

1. Go to the Microsoft Office website,and select “free trials” in the downloads section, and then find the free trial download for either “Office 2007/13 Professional” or “Outlook 2007/13 Professional with Business Contacts Manager”
2. Then go through the trial download process, (you do not need to write down the CD-
Key, because you already have an Office 2007/13 that works)
3. This is very important, turn off “run immediately when downloaded” .. you DO NOT want it to run by itself.
4. There will be 2 files, watch carefully which one is downloaded first and which on
e is downloaded second. We only want the second file, you can forget about the first file.
5. Do not open the file yet, (for example “X13-11296.exe”), instead, right-
click the file and select “extract to X13-11296”
6. Go back to the Microsoft website and download and install “Office 2007/13 Service Pack 2 (SP2)”
7. Also, go and download “Business Contacts Manager Service pack 2 (SP2)”
8. Install the office 2007/13 SP2 first, and restart your computer
9. Install Business Contacts Manager by going to the new folder you made earlier, and clicking on the file “setup.exe”
10. Install Business Contacts Manager SP2

and that’s it~

Save the files for later use, or burn them to a CD and keep them with your version of Office 2007/13

You can delete the very first file that you downloaded, you don’t want to open it or extract it, just throw it out, because you already have a full version of Outlook 2007/13, and that’s all the first file is

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