How to Select all Chinese Characters in a Word Document

  • Open Character Map (Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools)
  • Open your Word Document
  • Copy the Font name of your Chinese Characters, for example: “宋体”
  • Paste it into the Character Map where it has the Font Name
  • Check “Advanced View”
  • Under ‘Character Set’, select “Unicode”
  • ‘Group By’: “All”
  • Choose the first Character you want in your range, for example: “、”
  • Click on “Select”
  • Scroll down to the Last Chinese Character in the list, for example: “﨩”
  • Click on “Select” again
  • Highlight the two Characters “、﨩” and click ‘Copy’
  • Go to Find in Word
  • Paste “、﨩” in the Find box
  • Surround it with Brackets and separate them with a Hyphen, for example: “[、-﨩]”
  • Click Use Wildcards
  • Find in: Main Document
  • Done

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