Layer Masks in PS

  • Select a Layer you want to add a mask to
  • Click on the Gray Square with a Round Circle in it at the bottom of the Layers Panel
  • Click on the Mask Layer Icon to the Right of your Layer Icon
  • You Can now use the Brush, Pencil, Lines, or Shapes to Temporarily remove Parts of the Layer
  • You can Use the Eraser to Restore parts of the Layer
  • Right-Click the Layer Mask Icon and select Disable Layer Mask or Delete Layer mask to restore your image to its original
  • This is very useful to keep the original image intact while working on an Image, in case you want to restore it later
  • If you are very sure you want to keep it, you can Right-click the Mask layer Icon and select “Apply
  • Mask” to make the work Permanent

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