My Preferred Photoshop Workspace Appearance & Panel Preferences

Preferred Work Space Arrangement:

  • Bottom Panel – Layers, Channels, Paths, & Masks
  • Second Panel Up From Bottom Panel – History, Layer Comps, Actions & Adjustments
  • 3rd Panel Up From Bottom – Color, Styles, histogram, & Info
  • Top Panel – Brush, Clone Source, Tool Presents, & Navigation
  • Collapse to a Bar, and carefully drag to the Right Wall, then Expand it out, for Docking
  • Tools Bar in two levels deep / 2 columns on the left

Layer Comps Properties / Options:

  • Check ‘Visibility’ – Save Visible or Invisible states
  • Check ‘Positions’ – Save Horizontal & Vertical Layer Positions
  • Check ‘Appearance’ – Save Layer Styles, Opacity Values, Blend Modes, etc…

Layers Options /Properties:

  • Thumbnail – Large
  • Check ‘Layer Bounds’ for small objects, Document Bounds for larger items
  • Use Default Masks – on
  • Expand New Effects – on
  • Add Copy -on

History Options:

  • Auto Create First Snapshot
  • Auto Create New Snapshot
  • Allow Non-Linear History – on

Channels Options:

  • Large Thumbnail

Change Workspace Color by Shift+Clicking with Paint Bucket

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