My Workflow for Creating GIF Animations – Highest Quality, Smallest Size, Smoothest Image

Adobe Flash’s Gif-Engine is quite weak, and produces inferior results, when compared with Photoshops ability:

  • Edit & Prepare all Graphics & Layers in Photoshop, each with Transparent Backgrounds
  • Save each item as a separate GIF Image, preserving Transparency
  • In Adobe Flash, Import all Graphics to Library
  • Set Each Graphic on a Different Layer
  • Create Animation
  • Export Animation as a High Quality QuickTime Movie
  • In Photoshop: File>Import>Video Frames to Layers
  • Browse to your .MOV file
  • Use “Select Range” to select a segment of the movie, if needed
  • Select “Limit to every ___ Frames” to reduce the frames & file size, if needed
  • File>Save for Web & Devices
  • Select GIF
  • Choose a Percent to make it smaller dimensions and reduce file size, if needed
  • Click Save

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