Sending Group / Bulk Emails

You can send emails to a group of potential customers or employers from an email list by sending one email to yourself by putting your e-mail address in the “TO:” field, then putting all the other email addresses into the “BCC:” field

It will look the same as if you emailed everyone one by one

Method 1: In Outlook, compose a message, click “Bcc”, select the Distribution list, click “Bcc”, put your own email in the “To” field.

Method 2: In Outlook, select a Category and click “Actions”, “Create”, “New Message to Group”, (if a contact doesn’t have an email address, you have to manually delete it), cut from “To” to “Bcc”, put your own email in the “To” field”

If you are sending large groups of emails, your IP address may be “Greylisted” and many emails will be returned with an “SMTP error Message”

If you wait several minutes for all of the returned emails to arrive, you can re-send the failed ones immediately and they will succeed

If you don’t send them within a short time, like a few minutes to a few of hours, depending on the “mail transfer agent” or “MTA” settings of the server) they will fail permanently, (they will be blocked again)

This is done this way to block E-mail Spamming Servers

Don’t Spam people, Only send to people who have given you a business card, existing customers, etc..

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