Google Earth Add-ons – Climate, Boundary, Topography, Weather, Statistics Overlays, etc

Here are some Useful or Interesting Map Overlays

  • World Climate Map Overlay (in Dutch) from Cold to Warm with 5 colors – Download .kmz file here: Climate Overlay
  • Country Colored Map Overlays – Each Country is displayed in a different color – Hit Ctrl + Click on the country for a Pop Up name – Download .kmz file here: Country Colored Olverlay – another brighter version can be found here: World Borders Color Overlay and the Newest One with Names Included Here: World Borders 3
  • U.S. States Borders Colored – Displays Overlays of Each State, you need to choose 4 or 5 colors and change the colors of the states yourself. Wisconsin also needs its pits edited to be the right shape: Download .kmz file here: U.S. State Polygons
  • U.S. County Lines Colored – Displays Colored Divisions for Each States Counties: Download .kmz file here: U.S. County Lines
  • World’s Serial Killers – Displays the Birthplace and History of Major Serial Killers from Most Places Around the World – World’s Serial Killers
  • World’s Weather – From the Weather Channel – Overlays the latest Weather from around the World: World’s Weather
  • Topographical Map Overlays – for the 50 US States, zoom to desired Location, and click on “USGS Topo Maps” in the Sidebar – USGS Topographical Map Overlay
  • World Time Zones – Several different Timezone Views – World Time Zones
  • Infrared Satellite – Updated Regularly – Infrared Satellite
  • Life Expectancy – Average Life Expectancy Age for Each Country – Life Expectancy
  • Maternal Death Rates – Mother Deaths During Childbirth – Click for Specific Data – Maternal Deaths
  • World Child Labor Stats – Countries Child Labor – Click for Data – Child Labor Stats
  • World Malaria Deaths – Click country for Data – Malaria Deaths
  • Wikimapia – Links Google Earth to Google Maps, and Shows Direction from any place to any place – Wikimapia

Once you have Google Earth Installed:
1. Download the KMZ file ( KMZ is a Zip File containing multiple KML files)
2. Open Google Earth
3. Double-Click the KMZ file to Load it
4. Open the Side-Bar in Google Earth by going to “View” then selecting “Side-Bar”
5. In the Side-Bar, Expand “Places”, then scroll down and find “Temporary Places”, and look to see that the
File you downloaded is there
6. Then just click the check box there to make it visible
7. To save it, right click the file in Temporary Places and select “Save to My Places”…

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