How to Get the Best Deals on Airline Tickets

  • Google Seems to be taking over Flights
  • Fares change on the 1st of the month, and it also changes at the middle of the month during peak season
  • July 1st tickets go up, until September 1st, , so July and August are the most expensive months to travel
  • During Thanksgiving and Christmas fares go up quite high again
  • Just before or right after peak season / holiday is a better time to travel
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are cheapest, Tuesday is possibly the most cheap..
  • Airlines often offer undersold weekend flights on the Wednesday before the weekend. They usually require flying out on thur / fri / sat and returning sun / mon
  • Book 1 month ahead for international flights, 2 to 3 weeks for domestic
  • Search every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in different weeks (going and returning) to find the lowest fare
  • Fly anytime of day, including late-night “red-eye” flights, as you’ll want to sleep on the plane anyway Airlines sometimes keep the best airfare for their own websites
  • Round-trip tickets are sometimes less expensive than one-way
  • You can buy international tickets to the cheapest city in the country you are going to, then book a domestic flight separately to the actual city you want to go, or take a train/bus to where you want to go
    • For example, if you want to go to Las Vegas, you can find a ticket from Guangzhou to whatever city in America has the lowest price, which may save you 5000 rmb, then book another ticket from that city to Las Vegas, for just 500-1000 rmb
    • Also, you can book a Flight from a nearby city, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Thailand, or Japan to the country you are going to, then arrange a flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai or Japan, or a Train to Hong Kong, etc. from a Local Travel Agency or Transportation Company
    • Search Aggregators search many different online services, then return the results of all of them to you…
    • They don’t allow booking but give you an idea for price, so its a good idea to find the price on an Aggregator for the dates you want, then go to a Booking Engine to find the actual ticket and book your seat
    • Airlines usually overbook seating because they know some people won’t make the flight. So, when checking in, ask them if the flight is full or overbooked, if they say yes, you can wait near the ticket counter and tell them you’d like to be the first volunteer in case of an overbooking. The airline will usually offer you a free flight voucher, and sometimes even offer to pay you up to an additional $500 cash for the inconvenience.
  • Air Couriers
    • Being an Air Courier means you give up your rights to check any baggage, and are only allowed a carry-on bag, and a company will meet you at the airport and check some packages through to the final destination with you, and be there to pick them up, you never handle the packages. This way of traveling is often very cheap, and if you can travel with one small carry-on, you may be able to find a courier flight to the place u want to go. You can usually stay up to 30 days at your destination, and are expected to be a courier on the way back. You need to be quite flexible with your travel plans to fly as a courier.

American Domestic Only:

Yahoo Travel
Bing Travel

Booking Engines:

Some Major Airlines:
America West
American Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Jet Blue
Midwest Airlines
Sun Country
U.S. Airways
United Airlines
Other International Booking Engines:
World Tour Tickets:
Air Couriers
Air Courier International
BA World Cargo
APX Air Courier
Beat the Monkey
KH Dispatch
Sonic Air
World Courier

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