Import Contacts to Outlook Fail from Excel

If importing excel lists into outlook tells you no values are named so it wont import:

  • Open Excel
  • click on the column which contains the data you want to input
  • be sure the first row contains the data name, like “Email 1”, on the first top row
  • Select from the top down to the bottom of the list, do not select the entire column, which has endless cells and will import endless blanks into outlook, only select cells with data in them
  • go to ‘Formulas’ tab
  • Click on ‘Define Name’
  • Give it a name with no spaces, and which is not the same as any other cell you selected… ex.: the “email 1” column should be given the name “email_1” etc in the name properties, so its not the same
  • repeat with all columns you want to import into outlook
  • save & exit
  • import into outlook

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