Resolutions & Ratios Chart

I compiled this chart for determining which aspect Ratios and Screen Resolutions are compatible for Video

Its very useful for determining which source files work best with which project / output settings

In the left chart I organized them from smallest to largest Screen Resolutions, and in the right chart I grouped them all by Aspect Ratios

2K was the standard Cinema format used in blue ray movies, its agreed that it is much lower resolution than the 35mm film of the past, however, 35mm film scanned at 4K may not be as high resolution as 4K digital they use today, and certainly less than 8K

Format, 4K is replacing 2k in cinema, as Super Quad HD 2160p replaced HD, and then 8K eventually after that, and so on

The letters in the name have meanings as follows:
H=Hex (Hexadecatuple)
X= Extended


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