Working with Fast-Drying Cement

When using fast-drying cement, mix cement powder with water until the mixture is very thin, thinner than regular concrete mixtures. it will begin to cure in a matter of seconds, and after a minute or two becomes unworkable

It dries FAST.. so mix it in very small batches, even for a single small project, mix only about 1/2 a rice bowl at a time.

Don’t open the cement bag inside, open it outdoors with no risk of the cement dust entering the house

Use strong rubber gloves before opening the bag. concrete will burn your skin, and poison your bloodstream

Wear Sealed Safety Goggles, as the dust can get in your eyes and begin the curing process in the moisture in your eyes. Cement dust can cause severe damage to eyes when it contacts the moisture in the eyes.

Always wear a high-quality particulate filter mask when mixing concrete, which filters out atomized airbrush paint, cement dust, and either 95%, 97 %, or 99.97% of all contaminants, depending on which quality you buy.. be sure you buy “Particulate filters” rather than just “dust masks”.

I recommend 3M brand particulate filters 3M hard plastic reusable filter masks are best, which remove 99.97% of all contaminants.. They come with two particulate filters, one on the left side and one on the right side of the mask, when it becomes difficult to breathe, the filters need to be replaced. They can be used for years by part-time hobbyists.


Portland Cement dust is extremely dangerous, if you breathe the dust, it will mix with the moisture in your lungs, and form rock-solid Concrete inside your lungs

The Dust from Hardened Concrete is not very dangerous, its just like dust from Rocks, Its the dust from the Portland Cement Bags that you breathe before Mixing that is the most deadly.

Even if you see some worker on the street mixing concrete, you need to avoid breathing any cement dust in the area, its very dangerous to your health and well-being

Open the bag, pour it into the bucket, add the water, and mix well to ensure all dry cement powder lumps are gone.

Put the empty cement bags in a separate bag and tie it up so no dust gets out, while you are still wearing your respirator / air filter.

After it is well-mixed with water, and no dry cement powder lumps remain anywhere in the concrete mixture or in the bottom corners of the bucket, its safe to move indoors, and you can take off your air-filter/ respirator while working on the rest of your project. The concrete cannot be taken into your lungs when it is well-mixed (that is the reason concrete is typically mixed in trucks and delivered to the site well-mixed)

Always keep your gloves on when handling any dry cement, or any wet or unset concrete

Apply the concrete to your project, and quickly clean up any concrete on any tools or utensils, bowls or buckets before it dries completely, then mix the next batch, and so on.

If any wet concrete gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.

If any of the dry powdered cement gets on your skin, avoid breathing while you wash it off immediately

Fast-drying cement cures very rapidly, and becomes hard and unworkable after several minutes.

It is completely cured after several hours, within the first day, whereas regular concrete may take days or even weeks to cure completely

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