Recording a Macro for Separating Text to Individual Pages

First, Remove ‘Manual Page Breaks’ by Searching for ^m and leaving Replace blank

  • Developer Tab > Record Macro
  • Enter a Name without any Spaces
  • Click on Keyboard, Give it a Short-Cut, like Ctrl+1 and click “Assign”
  • Under “Store Macro In..” select the current document, or select normal to save it to all documents
  • Click “Close”
  • Click Ctrl+F to bring up the Find Box
  • Type in the Phrase or Formatting you want to begin each page
  • Use only the Keyboard, Tab & Arrows & Enter, & Keyboard Shortcuts – NO MOUSE
  • Hit Tab until you get to “Find Next”
  • Hit Enter
  • Hit ALT+F6 to focus back to the Word Document Window (Remember you cant use the mouse)
  • Hit “Home” to move the cursor to the beginning of that line
  • Hit Ctrl+Enter to move that line to the top of the next page
  • IMPORTANT: – press the down arrow one time to get off of that line, so the the ‘find next’ will move on
  • Click “Stop Recording” with your mouse
  • Hold your Shortcut keys (ex. Ctrl+1) down until you get near the end of the page.Then go one by one until you reach the last page

you’ll need to reassign the macro keyboard shortcuts each time you open Word,

  • go to Customize the ribbon by right-clicking it
  • select ‘Macros’ from the list
  • under ‘keyboard’, select Customize
  • push the keys you want to use
  • click on “assign”

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