Removing Objects from a Document – Various Methods

Remove Text Boxes:

  • Macro:
    Sub RemoveTextBox1() Dim shp As Shape For Each shp In
    ActiveDocument.Shapes If shp.Type = msoTextBox Then shp.Delete Next
    shp End Sub

Remove In-line Graphics:

  • Click the Round Ball under the right scroll bar, or hit Ctrl+H
  • Click Find
  • Type ^g in the Find box, leave the replace box blank, or go to More>Special>Graphic
  • Works with In-line Graphics only

Remove all Graphics:

  • Save as Doc file, NOT Docx
  • Copy all to Clipboard
  • Close Word by clicking the X, closing the program and the document at the same time
  • Click Yes to save Large amount of text on clipboard for use with other programs
  • Wait for the program to Close completely – waiting for all the text to copy – DO NOT FORCE CLOSE WORD
  • Open a New Word Doc, and Paste, save it as doc or docx

Doing it this way from a doc file will save all the text and layout, and discard the images, to the Temp directory

Word discards the objects once word is closed and saved to the temp file available for Windows Clipboard

If its a Docx, however, it will retain all the images and objects and send them all to the temp file, even after you close word, as if word was still open

So, it will only delete them if the original file is a doc file, and not a docx file

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