Saving Google Maps with all Customized Markers, at a Close Zoom

This method is for saving google maps at a close up zoom. Google maps have 18 zoom levels, 1 is the farthest out and 18 is the closest. Level 15 provides a good street view, 16 is about as detailed as you need to get

When creating custom markers in Google Maps, it will create a second page of markers, and the first page becomes unviewable, so you cant save one image with all the markers.. to view a map with all markers at the same time, right-click on the words “View in Google Earth” and select “Copy link location” from the drop-down menu.

In Google Maps view, paste the copied URL into the search box and select “Search maps” and find your map, from Firefox


To send your URL to others, or for viewing in other browsers, etc.. and with no dialog box at full screen.. change the “output-nl” inside the URL address to “output-embed”

For example:

should be changed to:

That map will have all markers viewable on one page.

  • You can then click “link” in the upper right hand corner
  • Copy the embed HTML link
  • Paste in Notepad, named with “,html” extension
  • Change the “width” and “height” values to between 5000 and 6000, (9500 x 6000 maybe the maximum for screengrab, 8500 x 7000, 8000 x 7500, etc) all of Guangzhou can fit in this resolution at a factor 16 zoom)
  • Where it reads “output=embed</iframe>”, where 15 is the zoom level (use 16 if u want more detail),
  • Add “&amp;z=15” or “&amp;z=16″ to look like this: output=embed&amp;z=16”></iframe>
  • Download the “Screengrab” extensions for Firefox browser and install it, then restart Firefox
  • Drag the “.html” file into Firefox, and wait for it to load, click on the Screengrab icon in the bottom right of the browser and click “save…”

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