SEO – Tips for Website / Search Engine Optimization

  • Try cross-linking all of your pages to each other, with links to every page from every page, if possible
  • Try to use sentences and phrases on your website that u think people just searching for any kind of general topic or related stuff will find..
  • Use all the words and phrases on the front page of your site that you might think the most people will search for, related to your site or whatever else u want..
  • try to make it relevant to wide range of topics.. so design your page to allow for that related extra information to look good and feel important
  • Update your site as much as possible, adding new content or changing things, styles, texts, etc, will keep crawlers returning
  • Use the Title Tag & Metadata, Meta Elements, and various attributes, etc descriptions to add as many phrases and important key words as you can, that will cover a broad range, similar to the text on the front page
  •  Always follow these rules for URL Normalization:
  • Try linking as many external sites to your site as possible
  • Try joining a web ring
  • Try to make your page accessible by more than one URL, either by using multiple URL’s which all redirect to your page, or by using 301 redirects from other empty URL’s, etc..
  • Try to use Google’s Free Webmaster Tools as well

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