Chef Kalani’s Vegan Hamburger Steak

For the Burger:

  • Get whatever Vegan burger patty or sausage substitute you want which has a neutral flavor, and mash it up
  • Or make your own:
    • In an Instant Pot with Soyean, Job’sTears, Pearl Barley, Wheat Berries, Quinoa, and Millet, etc,
    • Then add binder ingredients, such as some Lentils, some Rolled Oats, Rolled Rye, etc,.
    • Add more liquid than you would for only rice, and cook 45 minutes with slow release method
    • Then mix with your own minced selected sauteed mushrooms and other vegetables, if desired.
  • Chop up some Shallot or green onion – add to ground mixture
  • Mince Garlic and a little Ginger – add it to ground mixture
  • Add Ground Black Pepper & Salt, & Chili Pepper
  • Add a little Soy Flour or Chickpea Flour &/or some CornStarch or Wheatstarch if you need more firm binding.
    • Add in a splash of Veggie Stock or Plant Milk if you need to soften it up a bit
  • Add one of the Following Combinations:
    • Korean Sweet Red Chili Paste & Some Black Vinegar
    • Ketchup & Worcestershire Sauce
    • Ketchup & Some Black Vinegar
  • Add a little Raw Sugar or Brown Rice Syrup or Maltose
  • Add a little Soy Sauce (if not using Worcestershire)
  • Add Sesame Oil
  • Add White Sesame Seeds
  • Add some Fresh Parsley or Cilantro, or Italian/Chinese parsley
  • Add in some Togarashi
  • Add some Kosher Salt, if needed
  • Add some Minced Bean Sprouts or Minced Napa Cabbage (Optional)
  • Add a bit of Panko if you wish to manipulate the texture further
  • Mix well
  • Fry in Oil in small patties if you want to share with many people, or large patties if you want to eat in a bowl of rice
  • Flip it over, and continue to cook until 80% done
  • Remove from pan

For the Gravy:

  • Brown some Minced Garlic, some sliced Shallot Rings or Sweet Onion Rings, & Sliced Mushrooms in a pan with extra Oil
  • Take out some of the browned Onion Rings or Shallot Rings, and save them on the side for later
  • Add Fresh or Dried chopped parsley or other Dried Seasonings, such as Togarashi
  • Add Flour and cook until flour is light brown and smells nutty
  • Add Hot Water slowly, mixing well until the gravy is desired amount, and thinner than you want the final product
  • Add some Vegan Oyster Sauce, and a little Dark Soy Sauce
  • Add a little Raw Sugar
  • Add some Cornstarch & Cold water mixture to thicken it more if needed
  • Add Sesame Oil


  • Add the 80% cooked Patties into the finished Gravy Pan, and let them finish by simmering them in the Gravy til done
  • Serve the Hamburger Steaks on a plate if they are small hamburger patties to share with people, with some sauce for dipping or pouring
  • Serve on top of Rice in big Bowls for one or two people
    • Cover with remaining Gravy
    • Sprinkle White Sesame Seeds over the top
  • Serve with Korean Kim Chee on the Side
    Add a scoop of Korean Guochujiang Sauce on the Side:

    • Guochujiang Paste
    • Sweet Black Vinegar
    • Soy Sauce
    • Sesame Oil
    • Sesame Seeds
    • Black Pepper
    • Filtered water to thin
  • Sprinkle the top with Togarashi & Nori Komi Furikake

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